Impact tool

Two impact effect styles are available: Radial and Parallel.
Radial effects can be used to add perspective or bring focus to a design element.
Parallel effects can be used to add energy or signify motion.
Click the Impact Tool and drag in the drawing window.
We have added a vector shape so that we can adjust the impact effect by adding inner and outer boundaries.
Click the Outer Boundary button, and then click the vector shape to constrain the effect within.
We can also fully customize the effects as we will see in the following demonstration.
We can customize various settings, such as spacing and line widths, as well as the shape of each stroke.
We can also randomize line settings for a more natural look.
For example, lines can start and end randomly within the boundaries of an effect.
The effects are vector objects and can be edited with other tools in CorelDRAW.
For example, you can distort or reshape the effect lines, and you can change the effect color.