MultiCam Capture for Pinnacle Studio Makes YouTube Videos a Snap

MultiCam Capture for Pinnacle Studio Makes YouTube Videos a Snap


Hello Pinnacle Studio Users!

We’ve just introduced a new plug-in exclusively for Pinnacle Studio that we’re very excited to share with you. If you’re a YouTube vlogger or inspired to become one, things just got a whole lot simpler. You can now create even more engaging tutorials and presentations, from unboxing videos to software tutorialswithout the time-consuming hassle of capturing and syncing video from multiple devices.

Introducing MultiCam Capture video capture and screen recording software! Record from your webcam, any connected devices, and your computer screen. Simply plug in your cameras, press record, and let MultiCam Capture do the rest. Because the footage is all captured simultaneously, including any audio from a high-quality microphone, there’s no post-capture syncing required.

To get this powerful plug-in, visit the Welcome Tab in Pinnacle Studio 20.5 under Get More. And for a limited time, MultiCam Capture is 20% off the regular price of $49.95 US.

With MultiCam Capture, easily set up more than one camera and ensure that the focus, color, and lighting look great across every input so all your streams match and you can get to the fun part of video creation. Stream the preview screens of each connected device on your PC and start recording. Then bring it into Pinnacle Studio to add the final polish and creative touches you want.

There are many benefits to using multiple cameras when recording yourself or conducting an interview. Not only do the different angles make your video more interesting, but it’s also easier to address a variety of creative challenges. For example, it’s simple to combine close-up views that fit into the flow of your presentation. And it’s much easier to remove ‘ums’ and hesitations we’re so good at inserting when we talk! Just cut the offending part, change the angle at the same time, and you’ve hidden it.


As you can see, it’s an ideal tool for YouTubers. Whether you’re creating software tutorials, cooking demos, or vlogging about last night’s viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, your content will be more dynamic and engaging than ever. Use different cameras to show multiple angles, and get the perfect look by adjusting the images to compensate for different camera locations. Easily record yourself, a screen, objects, or products all at the same time. When you’re done recording, export directly to Pinnacle Studio’s MultiCam Editor. With all streams already in sync, all you need to do is select the angle you want to show as the videos play.

We can’t wait to see what you create! For a closer look at how the plug-in works, check out this helpful video:

Thank you,
Michel Yavercovski
Senior Director, Product Management

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Comments (4)

  • Michael H Reply

    I just obtained Pinnacle Ultimate 22, and see a lot of great features.
    Concerning Multicam: how do i physically hook up multiple cameras, and/or audio, etc to my computer?
    I have a Surface Pro by Microsoft. Will I need some other devices to do the capturing (YouTube talks alot about black magic boxes).
    Again, the Multicam looks like something that could be great, especially once the input video and audio are in the computer. Just getting them in place is a key.
    (also: can this also be used for a live broadcast to Youtube, Facebook, or other sites?)

    February 13, 2019 at 9:03 pm
    • Adam Reply

      Hello Michael,

      The Surface Pro series does not have video inputs, so you would need capture cards for your cameras. In general due to video bandwith limitations, these are paired 1:1 with your cameras so you may need a few of them. As for brands, one of the biggest names is Elgato, but there are many others including AVerMedia, Hauppauge, even Razer has gotten into video capture! Blackmagic has definitely seen a lot of interest online lately, and we don’t want to discount them either.

      It can be tricky to find information on how exactly to set up your computer for multi-camera streaming even when you have the capture hardware. We did some looking around and found this great walkthrough video on the physical components of a multi-camera setup.

      As for streaming, Pinnacle Studio currently does not have the ability to collect and stream videos live, although you can produce and edit your videos in it!

      Hope this helps, and happy filming!
      Discovery Center Team

      February 16, 2019 at 11:04 am
  • John Underwood Reply

    I am interested in pinnacle studio and corel multicam capture but am not able to find the multicam capture. I only get a screen shot on the “get More” Could you direct me. Thank you

    February 2, 2019 at 6:12 pm
    • Adam Reply

      Hello John,

      Which version of Pinnacle Studio are you using? The MultiCam Capture plugin can be purchased from within Pinnacle Studio 20.5 and later via the Get More menu from the Welcome Page. If you are using an earlier version of Pinnacle Studio, MultiCam Capture is not available.

      Hope this helps,
      Discovery Center Team

      February 4, 2019 at 10:27 pm

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