Replay and Relive Your Best Memories with the Ultimate Event Video for Birthdays, Games and More!

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Whether you’re taking a vacation, celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, or having a big gathering, your life is made up of incredible events. Capturing them on video is the perfect way to hold on to those memories forever. The video you create will also be perfect for sharing with loved ones or even giving as a gift that will always be treasured.

Here are some ways you can make the ultimate event video for your friends and family with video and photo captured on your camera, smartphone or other devices.


Birthday, Anniversary or Party Video –

Video is great for capturing moments and turning them into memories, no matter the occasion – whether it be a big celebration or a simple get-together.

Consider setting the tone of your video with some background music. Easy to do in VideoStudio with the integrated audio library which has hundreds of royalty-free tracks and sounds to choose from. And you don’t have to worry about missing that touching toast or funny joke either. Use audio ducking to tone down the music during dialog or even your own narration.

Along with audio effects, there are a number of fun visual effects in VideoStudio to take your video to the next level! Use text or graphic overlays to highlight or add impact to elements of your video. Mixing photos and videos together? Play with transitions, add easy fades and transitions. All you have to do is drag and drop transitions for a variety of effects whether it is a fade between one shot to another or dissolves, wipes and much more!  Add a Picture-in-Picture effect to overlay pictures or videos on top of each other and easily change the size and location.

Or consider trying out video/photo slideshows with fun transition effects for your video. If you’re in a hurry then try Instant Projects, which let you quickly create an attractive video with preassembled movie projects. All you have to do is replace the placeholder clips and photos with your own video and photos and you’re done!


Sports or Game Video –

When it’s time for that important soccer game or track meet, add impact and show all the action in the perfect video!

First highlight that great goal or amazing team play by pausing the important moments of the activity. By using freeze frame to stop the action on a single frame you can highlight that special moment – whether it is your child’s triumphant smile or the final swim stroke in the pool. The freeze frame feature makes it easy – you simply select the frame you want stopped and set the duration to get the effect you want.

Evoke all the drama and tension felt during the sporting event with variable speed controls which make it incredible easy to alter the speed of any part of your video using keyframes (without having to edit multiple video clips). Show that great shot in slow motion or speed through parts of less interest.

Maybe you want to point out your special one as they play in a group – you can do it with motion tracking! Add moving text or graphics to call out your child as she/he runs around – or add names to multiple players as they run through the fields!

Use these effects and controls to create a dynamic and engaging sports or game video that your viewers will love.

Bring it All Together –

Once your video is complete, it doesn’t end here. Why not add the perfect finishing touch to your project and add a DVD menu to it!  VideoStudio MyDVD lets you add image-rich menus and music to your disc project easily with 50+ themed templates. Easily drag and drop your videos into these templates and add titles, text and music.

This has been blog number two in our three-blog series on using VideoStudio to create multi-purpose videos! Stay tuned for our next article on how to create an impressive DIY wedding video! Missed the first blog in this series? Read about how businesses can easily create their own promotional videos.




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