3 Tips to Instantly Better Use a GoPro Camera: Glitter and Glamour In the Outdoors

Rain of Lights Christmas or Party Background

Dive into your videography!

You need not jump off a cliff to make a great video for family and friends! There are other, less drastic ways to create the high quality visuals you see here.

With these three simple tips, you can instantly use a GoPro Camera to make a better video.

# 1

Shimmering Sunlight

The first and most important lesson from this video is lighting. The shimmering dresses, reflecting sunglasses, and beautiful, beaming sun rays. There’s nothing more glamorous than that.

Take note: there was no lighting rig as these cavalier models threw themselves off a cliff. Just full sunlight to show off every curve, every angle, every stitch of these models on their vertical runway.

# 2

Swanky Fashion

The second lesson to gather from this is the gorgeous clothing. Everything’s a little smoother when it’s dressed up to be fancy. So don’t skimp on the fashion budget! The right environment is crucial to a good video, so why skimp on space surrounding your body?

Don’t spend a fortune on couture, but imitate that fancy style by taking note of the advertising for your favourite luxury products. Smooth moves, shimmering golds, jet-black blacks, and silky textures will all go a long way to make your shoe-string budget seem like a million dollars.

# 3


Last lesson? Learn to stabilize your videos. Shimmering sequin dresses don’t look quite so impressive when the whole video jitters and jangles. Check out the VideoStudio tutorial on video stabilization to make your extreme videos less extreme, and more enjoyable to watch.

So get out there and put these 3 tips to instantly better use a GoPro Camera to use! Who knows where you’ll land?

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