10 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique gift for Mom this Mother’s Day?  Here are some ideas that you can create with your own digital talents.

Gift Idea #1: Framed “Mom” Quotes

Grab your favorite Mom quote, add a border or background, print it out and then frame it.  Go the extra mile and add a photo of you with your Mother.

Mother's Day Quotes

Gift Idea #2: Make a Slideshow

This one is sure to please.  Collect and scan a bunch of photos of your family throughout the years (or, just the two of you if you’d rather) and put them in a slideshow.  If you live far away from your Mother, send her the video via YouTube or be old school and burn it on a CD.

VideoStudio users, browse our collection of instant project templates that make slideshows as easy as 1-2-3, including this special Mother’s Day template.

Gift Idea #3: Create a personalized card

Mothers love nothing more than knowing how much they mean to you and that you truly appreciate all of their hard work over the years.  And, sometimes, a generic card from the local card shop just doesn’t cut it.

Mother's Day Cards

Gift Idea #4: Printable Cards

If you’re short on time or not artistically inclined, you can find many printables online.  And, best of all, they’re free!

Free Printables

PaintShop Pro users, download this free Mother’s Day card template from within the product! Go to File > New from Template, select the Cards category and then browse to find this and other free templates to download.

Gift Idea #5: Photo Restoration

Does your Mother have lots of old photos laying around in shoe boxes?  Come on, you know she does.  Make an impression on her heart by restoring her old photos.

Gift Idea #6: Then & Now Photos

Now, this one’s FUN.  Recreate an old childhood photo with your family.  If you want it to be a surprise, choose a photo that does not include Mom.

Then and Now

Gift Idea #7: Computer Wallpaper Collage

Make a collage of special photos you know your Mom will love—photos of you!  Score some extra teary-eyed points by using old photos from your childhood.  Or, even better, make a collage of the grandkids.

Mother's Day Ideas

Gift Idea #8: Photo Transfer on Wood

Grab your favorite photo of you and your Mom and follow these simple instructions to transfer the photo onto a piece of wood. This project makes a beautifully unique gift and creative keepsake.

Gift Idea #9: Packing Tape Stickers

Did you know you can make stickers out of your own photos? Here’s how to turn your photos into packing tape image transfers that can be applied to mugs, bottles, storage jars, and so much more! There is even a free collection of Mother’s Day stickers for you to download!

Gift Idea #10: Photo Magnets

For years  your Mom has proudly displayed your art projects on the fridge, so why not make her some custom photo magnets she can use? Watch our video tutorial to see how easy it is.

Looking for more DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas? Visit our project page to find tons of creative ideas that won’t break the bank.

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  1. Nazrul Islam says

    Hi, Now, this one’s FUN. Recreate an old childhood photo with your family. If you want it to be a surprise, choose a photo that does not include Mom.

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