Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

Learn how to restore old or damaged photos with this series of video tutorials.

Sometimes it’s the photos that matter the most that are in the worst condition. Maybe it’s a childhood photo of a parent or grandparent that’s been sitting in a box in the attic. Maybe it’s a childhood photo that received a little bit too much love over the years. The good news is that PaintShop Pro offers a number of tools which can be used to restore old photos to amazing effect. These tutorials will walk you through the tools and the steps you need to fix up your old or damaged photos.

Scanning Photos into PaintShop Pro

Need to get your printed photos onto your computer? Get some tips on scanning photos into PaintShop Pro, and how to crop and straighten them.

Remove Scratches, Cracks and Dust from Old Photos

Need to remove scratches, cracks and dust from old photos? Here’s how to use PaintShop Pro’s photo restoration tools to erase signs of wear and damage.

Restoring Faded and Discolored Photos

Do you have photos that have become faded or discolored over time? Learn how to restore and breathe new life into scanned photos and dull digital images.

Improving Quality in Low Resolution Photos

Need to fix low resolution photos? Learn how to use PaintShop Pro to improve image quality, add color and vibrancy, sharpen and remove digital noise.

How to Colorize Black and White Photos

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to breathe new life into your images with 2 simple techniques to colorize black and white photos in PaintShop Pro.

Webinar: Restoring Old, Damaged Photos with PaintShop Pro

Want to learn the tips and tricks of photo restoration? In this webinar, PaintShop Professional Carole Asselin shows you how to restore old damaged photos.

Restore Old Photos

Learn how to revitalize and restore old photographs, whether they be faded, cracked or scratched, with the power of PaintShop Pro.

Adding Color to Black and White Images

This tutorial will show you how to transform your black and white photos into color, using a few simple steps in PaintShop Pro.

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