Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

Learn how to restore old or damaged photos with this series of video tutorials.

Sometimes it’s the photos that matter the most that are in the worst condition. Maybe it’s a childhood photo of a parent or grandparent that’s been sitting in a box in the attic. Maybe it’s a childhood photo that received a little bit too much love over the years. The good news is that PaintShop Pro offers a number of tools which can be used to restore old photos to amazing effect. These tutorials will walk you through the tools and the steps you need to fix up your old or damaged photos.

Restore Old Photos

Learning how to restore old photos can ensure that cherished memories last for generations to come. Restoring old photos is one of the most useful and exciting possibilities in PaintShop Pro. Using a variety of powerful tools you will learn to revitalize and restore old photographs whether they be faded, cracked or scratched.

How to Brighten Dull Photos

You don’t want to be dull – and your photos shouldn’t be either! Your faded or dull photos can be improved drastically in just 3 easy steps. So make sure your pictures leave a lasting impression and learn how to lighten photos in this PaintShop Pro tutorial.

How to Fix Low Resolution Pictures

Learning how to fix low resolution photos is an excellent way to ensure that no memory gets left behind. With technology today, it is easy to scan a photograph and have it look great, but what about all those photos from before scanners got so advanced?

Adding Color to Black and White Images

Adding color to black and white images may be the oldest form of photo editing, dating back to the earliest application of colorization done by Thomas Edison, which involved painting dyes onto the emulsion. This tutorial will show you how to add color to black and white images, giving them a whole new appearance.

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