Great Gift Idea: Converting VHS to DVD

Don’t let your old video memories fade away.

As old technologies fade, as formats evolve, your video memories often get left behind. We lose memories, personal mementos of loved ones, we leave behind pieces of our own past. But you don’t have to. There is an easy way to bring them with you and give your old videos new life.

Like many of us, you probably have a horde of old VHS tapes lying around, either deep in your closet or maybe stashed somewhere back at your parents’ home. Preserve your childhood memories, and convert VHS to DVD, or even capture video footage directly from old camcorders. Bring these memories to digital so they don’t get lost in the past.

Converting video is easier than you might think. You don’t need to pay a professional to convert your video, you can do it right at home. With easy-to-use software, you can convert video to new formats — Roxio VHS to DVD is a great companion to help you do this. Using RCA cables, you simply connect your VHS player or old video devices to your computer. With the video conversion software, it will convert your old tapes into digital files, which you can later burn to DVD to re-share these old memories with family and friends.


It makes the perfect gift. Picture your parents or kids unwrapping the gift of memories — their old videos have been made new! VHS to DVD conversion is simple, quick, and important. First, it’s a great gift idea. Weddings, birthdays, reunions, your baby’s first steps. So many big events and moments were caught by camcorder. Find some old, forgotten VHS tapes, convert them to a DVD, and voila: mom or dad have a thoughtful, nostalgic, and priceless birthday gift.

Or, with your new digital files, you can simply share them on Facebook or YouTube for the ultimate #ThrowbackThursday. And you might not think your personal history is significant, but there is also a historical imperative to not let all of this VHS material fade away forever.

Once your tapes have been digitized, upload them to your favorite video editor — whether it’s Corel VideoStudio or Pinnacle Studio — to do even more with your old footage, such as stabilizing shaky video from handheld cameras or adding in titles, transitions or filters. Even correct color and improve lighting; restore your videos and give them new life. Make your memories look like new. If you’re not sure where to get started with your video editing, check out our helpful video tutorials.

Once your video looks great, give them the packaging they deserve and create a DVD masterpiece. With customizable menu templates, you can add menus to your DVD to highlight each special occasion. Add titles, chapters, music and more to your DVD. Editing videos and burning to DVD does not have to be hard! Corel’s drag-and-drop interfaces make it easy for you to create impressive videos. There’s no limit to your creativity when converting to DVD or digital.

If you’re looking for software to help get the job done, try Roxio Easy VHS to DVD, which will help you quickly convert VHS tapes to DVD, and there are versions for PC and Mac.  

What are you waiting for? Give your videos new life and give the gift of video to someone special.

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  1. Deb Pearl says

    I never would have thought to convert VHS into DVD’s for a gift. I have been trying to find a good gift for my grandma, but I don’t know what to get her. I know she has a ton of old VHS videos. I think she would really love that. I’m glad that converting video is easy to do.

  2. Camille Devaux says

    A good friend of mine has been looking into tape to DVD conversion services. He has a lot of memories that he wants to look into making more accessible. It would make him happy to know that he could look into making it more custom.

  3. Corey Tucker says

    What a great gift idea! I’ve been meaning to convert my parents’ old VHS tapes to DVD for a while now, and this article has inspired me to finally take the plunge. Your step-by-step instructions and helpful tips make the process seem much less daunting. I appreciate the recommendation of Corel Video Studio for editing and enhancing the videos – I’ve used other Corel products in the past and have always been impressed with their user-friendly interface and powerful features. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful gift idea and providing such helpful guidance. I can’t wait to surprise my parents with their newly digitized memories!
    For Reference

  4. Corey Tucker says

    Hello Corel team! I recently read your article “Great Gift Idea: Converting VHS to DVD” and wanted to say that it was a great read. Your article provided valuable insights into the benefits of converting VHS tapes to DVD and the various options available for doing so.

    I appreciated how you highlighted the sentimental value of old VHS tapes and the importance of preserving memories. Your article emphasized the convenience of having memories in a digital format and the ease with which we can access and share them with others.

    Another aspect of your article that stood out to me was the various options available for converting VHS to DVD, from doing it yourself at home to using a professional service. Your article provided great tips and advice on how to choose the best option for your needs.

    Overall, your article provided a great perspective on the benefits of converting VHS tapes to DVD and how it can be a great gift idea. It’s amazing to think about the memories that can be preserved and the joy that can be shared with loved ones through the conversion process. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights on the subject. Keep up the great work!

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