Adding Custom Motion Effects

Adding Custom Motion Effects

Using the Customize Motion feature, you can manually match the motion of overlays and titles with the motion of elements in a background video without reference to any existing tracking information. This means that you can define your own motion path and modify various properties to create simple or complex motion effects.

To customize a motion path

Right-click a background video or an overlay clip in the Timeline and select Customize Motion. The Customize Motion dialog box opens. In this example, the title is shown with a straight line motion path.

2. Change the shape of your motion path by dragging line segments and key frame nodes.

Note: Key frame nodes are automatically added every time you move to another frame and make a modification. You can also create a key frame node by dragging the scrubber and clicking the Add key frame button.

3. Adjust the properties of your title depending on the requirements of your project. Each time you set a value, a key frame is added. The example below shows the title after adjusting Position, Size and Rotation values. If you want to change the center reference for the object (to offset rotation or zoom effect), drag the red center marker to a new position.

Note: You also have the option to change the opacity, add a shadow and border, and
mirror your image by adjusting the values under Opacity, Shadow, Border, and Mirror.
Clicking the Ease in/Ease out button allows the motion to start out slowly or slow

4. Play the video to test your animation. When done, click OK.

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    I would like to renew my interest, and upgrade my skills at video editing.

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    One of the great tutorial i had ever seen explaining custom motion effects. Thanks for the video tutorial which was quite impressive . motion graphics program provides real-time previews, procedural behavioral animation and Final Cut HD integration.

    May 26, 2018 at 5:12 am

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