Create Custom Holiday Gifts with your Artwork

Get holiday-ready with these DIY projects for ornaments, cards, stocking stuffers and decorations. Follow along with the simple tutorials and see how you can use your own artwork to create ornaments and other decorations.

Hand-painted Sign

Learn how to make a hand-painted sign in 5 simple steps. Free templates including 6 holiday stencils are available for download.

Packing Tape Stickers

It’s really easy to turn your artwork into stickers using packing tape. Use them to decorate mugs, bottles, storage jars, and more for unique gift ideas. Or use them to make gift tags.

DIY Ornaments

Learn how to make a DIY ornament with your own artwork. It’ll be perfect for Christmas tree decoration during the holiday season or as a special gift for family and friends.

DIY Snow Globe

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a homemade snow globe in just 4 basic steps, using cutouts of your favorite artwork and a glass jar.

DIY Quote Magnets

This project tutorial shows you how easy it is to make custom magnets with your artwork and a quote! Follow the tutorial and you’ll learn it in no time.

Holiday Gift Box and Ornament

Learn how to make a DIY Holiday Ornament and Gift Box in a few simple steps. You can download free templates and make one yourself today!

DIY Holiday Lanterns

Learn how to make a DIY holiday lantern. A perfect decoration or gift for the holiday season. Download our FREE lantern template and follow along the tutorial.

DIY Magnets

Here’s an easy DIY project that’s fun for kids and adults. Create custom magnets in a few simple steps using glass gems and your photos or artwork. A great idea for stocking stuffers!

Free Holiday Content

Happy holidays from the Discovery Center team!
As our gift to you, ALL our holiday-themed freebies are unlocked for the entire month of December. Download free photo frames, card templates, clipart and more and get started on your holiday projects.

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More Creative Gift Ideas

These DIY projects are more advanced but offer some great ways to turn your artwork into custom gifts and keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come. Kids can help with many of the steps but may need some supervision to complete the projects.

Image Transfer on Candles

Make a gorgeous holiday decoration or gift by applying a photo or artwork onto a candle. In addition to the image and candle, you will need tissue paper, wax paper, and a heat source like a hair dryer. You can use a traditional wax candle or an LED candle, as long as it has a wax coating.

Image Transfer on Wood

With this project you can create a rustic-looking display for your own home or as a gift for someone special. You can find wood blocks and the gel medium at most craft stores. Just make sure you plan enough time for the drying stages.

Image Transfer on Canvas

There are many online services that will print your artwork on canvas, but you can also do this process at home, for a low cost. As with the wood transfer project, make sure you plan enough time to let your canvas dry in between steps.