Gifts for Mom

Create a unique gift that Mom will treasure for years to come!

With our collection of photo, video, digital art and graphics project ideas, you’ll be sure to find something special that you can make for Mother’s Day, or any other occasion where you want to show Mom just how much she means to you. The best part? These gifts are truly unique and personal because you will use your own photos, video footage or inspiration to create them. And many of these projects are suitable for children to help with, so they can create something special for Mom as well.


Photo Transfer on Wood

Learn how to transfer a photo onto a piece of wood to make beautifully unique gifts or creative keepsakes of special events.

Packing Tape Stickers

Download the FREE pack of Mother’s Day stickers or use your own photos to create packing tape images transfers for mugs, bottles and more!

Create a Custom Calendar

Learn how to easily create a unique, personalized calendar by adding your own photos and text to a calendar template.

Restoring Old Photos

Does Mom have some treasured old photos that have seen better days? Here are some ways you can restore them to their former glory.

Make a Filmstrip Collage

Here’s a unique way to show off photos! Pick 4-12 of Mom’s favorite pictures and the Filmstrip Script for PaintShop Pro will automatically create the collage for you.

Turn Photos into Playing Cards

Does your mom like card games? With this script for PaintShop Pro you can use your own photos to create a deck of custom playing cards.


Create a News Broadcast

Newsflash! Learn how to use these overlay templates to create a fun news broadcast-style video project, using photos or video clips of your mom.

Make a Slideshow

Whether you are using an Instant Project template or FastFlick slideshow maker, creating a slideshow in VideoStudio is as easy as 1-2-3!


Paint a Still Life

Painter Master Aaron Rutten gives a step-by-step demonsration for creating a still life painting, from sketch to final painting.

Photo Art for Beginners

This tutorial series by Painter Master Helen Yancy will show you how to get started creating photo art, by transforming a photo into a painting.

Fine Art for Beginners

This tutorial series by Painter Master Melissa Gallo will show you how to get started creating fine art, like a gorgeous landscape painting.


Make a Magazine Cover

Do you think your Mom belongs on the cover of a magazine? With this tutorial, you will learn how to create your own magazine cover image in CorelDRAW.

Design a Custom Wine Label

Learn how to design a custom wine label in CorelDRAW that will add a unique and personal touch to your Mother’s Day gifts or any other special occasion.

Turn Photos into Puzzles

Is your Mom a puzzle enthusiast? This tutorial will show you how to take one of her favorite photos or images and break it up in CorelDRAW to create a puzzle effect.

Create a Calendar

Using the Calendar Wizard in CorelDRAW, you can make a custom calendar for Mom – choose from a variety of layouts, use your own images and customize with holidays,text and more.

Create a Coloring Book

Coloring books for adults are very popular! CorelDRAW Master Stefan Lindblad gives you an in-depth tutorial on how you can create your own coloring book page.

Make a Mosaic

With the Photo Cocktail plugin for CorelDRAW, you can create a stunning mosaic image using your favorite photos, with one image as the source and the remainder used to create a mosaic.

Blog: DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Looking for a unique gift for Mom this Mother’s Day?  Here are some ideas that you can create with your own digital talents.


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Custom Calendar Templates
Create a personalized calendar with these customizable templates – just add your own photos or artwork and text.

Mother’s Day Slideshow Template
Create a unique gift that Mom will treasure for years to come with this slideshow template for VideoStudio.

News Broadcast Video Overlays
Turn your important moments into newsworthy events with this collection of 11 broadcast overlay templates.

Best-sellers Collage Bundle
Get 20 of our best-selling collage templates, from holiday themes to geometric designs to scrapbook layouts.

Family Collage Templates
This 4-pack of photo collage templates is the perfect way to show off your most prized possession – your family!

Filmstrip Script
Create a filmstrip with a collection of 4-12 of your photos with this PaintShop Pro script from Creation Cassel.

Family Memories Slideshow Template
Show off your most precious family photos in this scrapbook-style slideshow template for VideoStudio.

Playing Cards Script
Turn your photos into custom playing cards with this PaintShop Pro script – create single cards or an entire deck!


Mother’s Day Photo Frame

Mother’s Day Collage Template

Mother’s Day Photo Frame

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