Creating Title Presets

Creating Title Presets

VideoStudio 2019 introduces a new way to quickly create title presets to save to your library to reuse again and again. Introduce and tell your story with style. Add fun effects and create eye-catching titles with VideoStudio’s enhanced titling options. Create stunning titles with motion, text, and graphics in the enhanced Title Editor.

How to Create Title Presets

You can create titles that include text, graphic elements, and motion, and save them as title
templates (presets) in the Library.

Before you start

  • Import any custom graphic elements to the Library, such as logos, graphics, or lines. PNG format is usually preferred because it supports transparency.
  • If you want to apply custom motion to one or more non-text elements, it’s best to add the elements to an overlay track and customize the motion for each element before adding them to the title text.

To create a title template

1. Do one of the following:

  • In the Timeline, double-click a Title track to activate the text entry mode in the Preview window of the Player panel. Set the text formatting options in the Options panel and double-click in the Preview window to enter the text.
  • Click Title in the Library panel, and drag a thumbnail for a title template to the Title track in the Timeline.

2. Drag any additional graphics you want to add from the Library to the title. A number appears in the upper-right corner of the title template to indicate how many objects are in the group.

Note: If you want to edit the attributes of the object, add it to an overlay track first, make the edits you want (attributes such as color, motion, etc…). You can then drag the object from the overlay track to the title.

3. To select individual objects in the group, in the Timeline, click the number in the upper right corner of the title group. The object will be selected in the Player panel and you can adjust the size or position.

4. To save the title template to the Library, in the Title track, right-click the title and choose Merge and save as template > Custom, or choose Add Folder and type a name. The title is added to the Title category of the Library, within the assigned folder. To name the title, select it in the Library, click the label for the thumbnail, and type a new name.

Applying text effects and animation

Apply motion to your text using title animation tools, such as Fade, Moving Path, and Drop. You can also apply filters to your text using preset Title Effects such as Bubble, Mosaic, and Ripple. The title filters are in a separate Title Effects category.

To apply animation to the current text

1. In the Title track, double-click a title.
2. In the Options panel, click the Attribute tab.
3. Enable the Animation option, and mark the Apply check box.
4. Select a category from the Select the type of animation drop-list and select the specific preset animation from the box under Apply.
5. Click the Customize animation attributes button to open a dialog box where you can specify animation attributes.
6. In some animation effects, you can drag the Pause duration handles that appear in the Navigation area of the Player panel to specify how long the text will pause after it enters and before it exits the screen.

Pause duration handles

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