Working with Text and Titles in VideoStudio

Speech to Text converter

With VideoStudio’s new speech-to-text converter, creating captions is easy! Instead of creating subtitles manually, this tool will do it automatically.

Creating Basic Titles

Titles can help make your VideoStudio projects more professional and easier to follow. Learn how to create and edit basic titles in this tutorial.

Adding effects and motion to titles in VideoStudio

Take your titles to the next level! Learn how to add animation, special effects, and motion to create professional-looking titles in VideoStudio.

Creating custom title presets

Learn how to use VideoStudio’s enhanced Title Editor to create custom titles with motion, text and graphics, and then save them as presets to use again.

Creating motion titles in VideoStudio

Learn how to add text to motion graphics to create professional motion titles in VideoStudio. Includes tips for adding effects and changing colors.

Creating a lower thirds animation in VideoStudio

Learn how to create a lower thirds animation in VideoStudio and get tips for saving custom motion paths and motion graphics for future projects.

How to Add Subtitles

Learn how to quickly add subtitles to your videos using the Subtitle Editor and Title Tab in VideoStudio to make your videos easier to follow!

How to Make 3D Titles

Create stunning graphics titles, and control textures, lighting, motion, and more to create the dramatic cinematic opening you want the world to see. Exclusive to VideoStudio Ultimate.

Overview of Boris Title Studio

Get a quick look at Boris Title Studio in VideoStudio Ultimate and see how to use this 2D and 3D titling tool for fast and creative animations.

Using the NewBlue Titler Pro in VideoStudio Ultimate

Get a quick tour of the NewBlue Titler Pro interface and see how easy it is to create professional-looking, animated titles.

Working with Extruded Text and Shapes

This tutorial will show you how to create true 3D animations with the help of Boris Title Studio in VideoStudio Ultimate.

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