Test Your Tattoo Using CorelDRAW

Test Your Tattoo Using CorelDRAW

This tutorial shows how you can have a (simulated) preview of your tattoo and make corrections or changes before making it real.

Important: Take a high resolution picture of the part of your body where you want to apply the tattoo.

In this example only two vector images (a butterfly and floral design), and text were used.



Step 01

Import your own photo and the vector images to a new Document (File > Import).

Step 02

Rotate the floral design 90º (Window > Dockers > Transformations > Rotate) – or use the shortcut (Alt+F8).


Step 03

Move the floral design to its final position and resize it (click and drag the object handles to resize).


Step 04

Select the floral design and choose the Envelope tool in order to shape it to fit the contours of the body in the photo (ToolboxEnvelope tool).


Step 05

Using the handles of the Envelope tool, distort the image, following the curves of the body.


Step 06

Select the Text tool (Toolbox > Text), choose a font from the drop-down Font List on the Property bar and enter your text. Increase or decrease font size using the Font Size drop-down list on the Property bar and place your text in its final location.

Use same procedure as ‘Step 05’ to distort the text (Toolbox > Envelope tool).


Step 07

Click and drag the butterfly to its final position. Resize and/or rotate it (Alt+F8) if you wish.
Option: To apply a different color to the object, select it and click on a different color in the Color Palette.


Step 08

Select all the objects (Floral design + Text + Butterfly) and group them (Ctrl+G).

Click on the Transparency tool (Toolbox > Transparency tool), and choosing a Uniform transparency from the drop-down list in the Property bar, adjust the settings:


Step 09

And here we have our final look.


We hope you found this tutorial helpful and we would love to hear your feedback in the Comments section below. And don’t forget to visit our social media pages and show us what you’ve learned by sharing your photos, videos and creative projects with us.

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