With the Dynamic Split Screen feature introduced in VideoStudio Ultimate 2019, you can create your own split screen video to show multiple clips and images, and get full keyframe control so that your split screen dynamically changes over time, exactly the way you want it. Make your own custom wipes, overlays and even add text boxes or graphics. Even better, you can save your dynamic split screen set up as a template – so you can reuse the same setup and movement again and again – and just drag new video clips to replace the clips that were present when you originally made the template

Included in VideoStudio Ultimate only.

Thanks for watching! You will find a written version of this tutorial below, and a printable PDF copy to download on the Download Resources tab above.

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How to create dynamic split screen videos

  1. Launch the split screen template creator from your timeline toolbar.
  2. First, you’ll create your layout. You can create straight line dividers that can go from top to bottom, left to right, or diagonally across the screen – you’ll divide the screen in half from top to bottom. Each time you divide the screen you’re creating a new frame, and you can drag video clips straight onto this portion, or to the number underneath the main screen
  3. Now you can get creative! You can choose to animate the frames by ensuring the selection tool is selected in Splitting Tools in the top right and then select the divider. The keyframe indicator at the bottom will show us any keyframes that have been created for the currently selected object.
    • Let’s say you want to wipe this divider left to right across the screen as the two video clips are playing. Scrub the timeline to where you want the wipe to start and then drag the divider to the left edge of the screen, and you’ll notice VideoStudio has created a keyframe at the current scrub location. Don’t drag the divider completely off screen. Then scrub ahead to where you want the wipe to finish and drag the divider to the right edge of the screen.
    • And if the framing changes as the clips progress, then you can keyframe each clip separately so that the clip position changes over time! Remember, that whenever an element is selected in split screen creator, the keyframes you see at the bottom of the screen are for that element only.
  4. On the right there are a ton of other options for shapes, depending on which element is currently selected. You’ve got controls for rotation, width and color – and these can ALL be keyframed as well.
  5. There are also tons of other splitting tools, or dividers up here. You can create squares, circles and all manner of other objects that you can put video clips or images into, and then animate them with keyframes to get them how you want them.
  6. You can also add graphics – like squares, circles and more – that you can color how you want, and then animate. This opens up some crazy possibilities to make motion graphics, even without any video clips. The sky’s the limit here.
    • One great thing you can do is even bring in your own custom graphics, and animate them how you want. Press the folder icon, and add graphics you’ve created yourself in a graphics  program like CorelDRAW, or just download some from the net and add them in. Add your own graphic and adjust its size, and then animate it with a couple of well placed keyframes so that it drops down from the top of the screen part way through the clip.
    • All of these graphic elements can be layered up, so you can choose what is on top of other elements – so if I want to add a white background behind the transparent graphic I added, I can drop a white box graphic in, then select my imported graphic and choose to bring it forward in the layer order. This will allow you to get seriously creative with multiple stacked graphical elements.
  7. Don’t forget, all of your work can be saved as a template that you can use again and again, replacing video clips each time. With this, you could make your own lower thirds, animated corner bugs, crazy wipe transitions or just about anything you can think of.
See what’s new in VideoStudio 2023!

Download a FREE 30-day trial and turn your best moments and life experiences into unique movies with this easy and fun video editor packed with intuitive tools and creative effects.