Give Life to Black & White Favorites with Colorize

Once upon a time, the world was black & white – at least in photography.

Photographers snapped everyone from Sir Winston Churchill to Abraham Lincoln and the camera never captured the color of their eyes, the hue of their shirt.

We immediately see color when we look at our surroundings. Color evokes in us emotion. Without color, photos can be dull and drab but they don’t have to be!

Colorized by Sanna Dullaway

Take those old photos and paint-in your own pallet of color, like they curated at with these 29 amazing re-colorations of classic photos.

These pictures tell stories about places and times in history that have passed. Yet they come back to life for a moment as soon as you add color.

Colorized by Sanna Dullaway

Turns out you can do the same! All it takes is a look at our tutorial on colorizing black and white images in PaintShop Pro. You’ll be turning those old photos into gold with the techniques you’ll learn here, so take advantage of what you have!

Bring those old family photos back to life. Repeat those stories you remember so fondly. Go back to the place and time you love and spice it up a little!

Colorized by Sanna Dullaway

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