Tiny Planet Effects

Tiny Planet Effects

NEW in Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate! Give your audience a fun perspective and transform your 360 equirectangular footage to create a “tiny planet” or “rabbit hole” effect. Simply right-click and select 360 video > equirectangular to spherical panorama.

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How to Create a Tiny Planet or Rabbit Hole Effect

Insert your 360 degree footage on your timeline, footage needs to be equirectangular format. Right-click, select 360 video > Equirectangular to Spherical Panorama.

Now we can see in the settings we have some controls for this effect. With the circular slider all the way at the top, we can see the Tiny Planet effect – and if we spin it around 180 degrees to 0, we can turn it into Rabbit Hole style footage.

There’s also controls for zoom and rotation as well, and all of the control for Spherical Panorama can be keyframed to get evolutions between different states – which can create some really great results!

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