This new version of Pinnacle is faster, better, and more efficient than ever—and we have you to thank. Based on your feedback, we’ve fortified the product, focusing on core editing processes to bring real improvements to the aspects that truly matter to you, delivering our most streamlined and smooth editing experience in years. Pinnacle Studio 26 brings tangible improvements to the user experience beyond simple bug fixes and interface tweaks—we’ve upgraded the structure of the product with changes in everything from behavioral logic to resource management, to a brand-new proxy codec. With greatly enhanced stability, performance, and usability, enjoy a streamlined workflow, and fully focus on the creative side of video editing!

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What’s New in Pinnacle Studio 26

Improved Product Stability

Pinnacle Studio 26 focuses largely on product stability and core feature performance, along with dozens of crash and bug fixes for targeted improvements to more than 200 unique user-identified scenarios. Pinnacle Studio 26 is our most reliable and stable version to date. Enjoy smooth and streamlined video editing from the moment you install it!

Improved Product Performance

Incredible performance improvements have been implemented in user-identified areas such as software launch time, resource utilization, interface and project preview responsiveness, as well as import and export speed. Main performance improvements include:

  • Implementing Apple ProRes* as a smart proxy format for improved preview, playback, timeline rendering, and overall editing responsiveness
  • Changing behavioral logic to avoid unnecessary refreshes and reduce rendering delays
  • A new dropdown to choose from project preview quality options to optimize performance
  • Targeted speed improvements on importing clips into the library and exporting final projects

*Pinnacle Studio Smart Proxy supports the Apple ProRes format, but quality is limited to 4:2:2 8-bit.

Other Enhancements

ENHANCED! Keyframe Editing
With newly added keyframe management options, it’s easy to manipulate groups of keyframes for quick replication of your customizations, such as looping animations, light flashes, custom pan and zoom animations, complex sequences of changes to color or brightness, and more.

Create, copy, paste, and delete groups of keyframes across parameters (brightness, transparency, saturation, etc.) to another clip, or another parameter on the same clip.

IMPROVED! User Interface
Enjoy streamlined editing with enhanced usability across the product, thanks to improvements on the installation process, control panel options, in-product help, and more. Refreshed control panel sections provide more control over your editing experience, including options to reduce the demand on your computer; revised tooltips and interface strings deliver improved clarity and interpretability.

IMPROVED! Tools and features performance across the product
Enjoy improved title editing responsiveness and see changes applied to titles in the title preview much faster. Plus, manage your customized titles more effectively with updates to the accessibility of your saved presets.

Extend the power of video masking with reduced mask editing response time for shape creation and editing, object tracking, and applying functions to the mask or matte for better playback performance.

Try Pinnacle Studio for free!

Download a FREE 15-day trial and discover all the essential and advanced video editing features that Pinnacle Studio delivers to make your videos look their best.

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  1. Robin Griffiths says

    Hopefully the stability issue will finally have been addressed. I upgraded to version 25 but its performance was worse than 24. It showed few improvements over 24 that I needed but its performance was so unreliable and sluggish, for the first time since using Pinnacle I had to uninstall it and ask for a refund. At least with Coral unlike many software vendors, they do give a 30 day money back guarantee which is why I like Coral products. They also honour that hassle free.
    So I decided when the offer of a reasonably priced upgrade that promised to address these issues came I thought even in these times of constraints on budget that I would go for it. Lets hope the improvements do work as promised. 25 really was awful and maybe other folk found the same thing which is why this issue has been given prominence in this latest upgrade.
    Its a strange thing, but its often said that software upgrades alternate between really great ones and awful one. I suppose the biggest example is MS Windows which has proved this right from almost the beginning.

    • gilliandarby says

      Hi Randeep,

      Yes, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 26 has many professional tools and effects for video editing. If you visit the Pinnacle website you can review a complete list of features and also download a free trial to see if it meets your needs.
      Best regards,
      The Discovery Center team

    • gilliandarby says

      Hola Mercedes,
      Lamentablemente, el audio solo está disponible en inglés. Sin embargo, puede ver el video con subtítulos en español.
      Para ver subtítulos en tu idioma:
      – Haga clic en el ícono “Settings” en la esquina inferior derecha del reproductor de video.
      – Haz clic en “Subtitles” y selecciona tu idioma.
      – Si su idioma no aparece en la lista, haga clic en “English (auto-generated)”, luego haga clic en “Auto-translate” y seleccione su idioma.
      Discovery Center team

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