Effects, Filters and Transitions in Pinnacle Studio

Appear and disappear effect in Pinnacle Studio

This easy Pinnacle Studio special effect will give the illusion that your video subjects are appearing or disappearing behind an object like a tree, pole or wall.

Advanced picture-in-picture effects in Pinnacle Studio

By adding advanced picture-in-picture effects such as pan and zoom, color grading and custom motion, you can easily enhance your Pinnacle Studio projects.

Adding Outlines, Glows and Shadows to Green Screen Footage

Enhance your green screen footage with outlines, glows and shadows using the NewBlue Chroma Key Pro filters, only available in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.

How to Create Custom Transitions

Learn how to create your own custom and unique transitions, such as horizontal and vertical wipes, to make your next Pinnacle Studio project really stand out.

Picture-in-picture effect in Pinnacle Studio

This short tutorial will give you a quick look at at using Pinnacle Studio to easily create a picture-in-picture effect.

An Overview of the Track Transparency Feature

This tutorial will give you a look at the Track Transparency feature in Pinnacle Studio Plus and Ultimate.

Easy green screen effects with Chroma Key

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to use the chroma key tool in Pinnacle Studio to create easy green screen effects in just a few simple steps.

How to add Seamless Transitions

Learn how to enhance your transitions using Pinnacle Studio’s Seamless Transitions effect to smoothly blend like colors or objects from one clip to the next.

Creating a Selective Color Effect

Learn how to use Pinnacle Studio’s Selective Color feature to add a unique effect by highlighting one color while turning the background to black and white.

How to use paint effects

Learn how to transform your video into a cartoon animation with Pinnacle Studio’s painting and drawing effects like oil paint, cartoon, pencil sketch and more!

How to Use Morph Transitions

Learn how use Morph Transitions, only in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, to seamlessly blend video clips with a metamorphosis effect.

Create Tiny Planet Effects in Pinnacle Studio

Learn how to create tiny planet or rabbit hole effects, with the enhanced 360° photo editor in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.

How to use transitions

Learn how to use transitions in Pinnacle Studio. This simple editing technique is an easy way to make your video projects look polished and professional.

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