Pinnacle Studio Tutorials

Pinnacle Studio Tutorials

This collection of video tutorials covers a wide variety of topics related to video editing with Pinnacle Studio. With these basic editing tutorials for Pinnacle Studio you can be editing the best home videos, documentaries, movie trailers, and become a movie maker in no time!

Pinnacle Studio Tutorials

NEW Pinnacle Studio 21 Tutorials

This series of tutorials will introduce you to the new features and enhancements in Pinnacle Studio 21. Learn how to use the new Split Screen video to show multiple video streams simultaneously, or add new attractive 3D titling for a big-screen feel. Step up to the Ultimate version and use the new Morph Transitions to transform your videos into colorful motion animations with seamless transitions between scenes. Plus enjoy 2,000+ creative effects plus premium effects from NewBlue to enhance every picture, correct imperfections and even stabilize shaky footage.

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Introduction to Pinnacle Studio

This series of video tutorials will get you started using Pinnacle Studio. You will get familiar with the Pinnacle Studio interface, and learn how to organize your videos. You will also learn basic video editing techniques, which can be applied to any project.


Pinnacle Studio Beginner Editing Techniques

If you are new to Pinnacle Studio, or just need a refresher course on the basics of video editing, this series of tutorials will walk you through the various tools and techniques you need to be familiar with before starting any video project. Learn how to import, organize and manage your media files, how to perform basic tasks like cropping video and creating titles, and how to use some key features like Audio Ducking and SmartMovie.


Pinnacle-video-editing-projects-course-thumbnailVideo Editing Projects with Pinnacle Studio

In this collection of tutorials, you’ll find a variety of video editing projects you can do with Pinnacle Studio. From a simple slideshow montage to an intricate stop motion animation, there is something for everyone! Put your video editing skills to work and create one of these cool projects yourself.

Pinnacle-Special-Effects-thumbnailCreating Special Effects in Pinnacle Studio

This series of tutorials will show you how you can create some very cool effects using Pinnacle Studio. Give your video stars a lightsaber or super powers like shooting an energy wave from their hand. Create an explosion, make people appear and disappear or get teleported. With these effects you can get busy creating your own action or sci-fi films, or just add a bit of flair to your video clips.


Pinnacle Studio Training by Studio Backlot

Welcome to a free preview of training provided to us by our friends at Studio Backlot. With hundreds of course and tutorials available, and access to much more, Studio Backlot produces content for all skill levels to help you quickly learn new effects and become proficient with Pinnacle Studio.

Learn more about courses and take advantage of the free 21-day all-access pass to Studio Backlot when you purchase Pinnacle Studio. When you join the Studio Backlot community your membership entitles you to watch every tutorial, download any stock, participate in our community forums and a host of other benefits.




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