Creating Slow Motion Videos

Creating Slow Motion Videos

By Maliek Whitaker

This tutorial by Pinnacle Studio Pro Maliek shows you how to adjust the speed of high framerate video clips on a 24p timeline to make smooth, slow motion videos. First you need to know what the framerate is in your timeline settings, and what the framerate is for the video clip(s) you are using. Once you have that information, you can calculate how much you can adjust the speed and still keep your footage looking smooth. For example, if your timeline framerate is 24p and your video clip framerate is 60p, you can adjust the speed of the clip down to a maximum of 40% of the original speed (see sample calculations below).

Then you can split the clip at the moment where you want to begin the slow motion effect, and use the speed control to adjust the speed. Finally, you can adjust the duration of the clip to match your new speed.

Sample Calculations:

24p timeline / 60p clip = 40%
30p timeline /60p clip = 50%
24p timeline /120p clip = 20%
30p timeline /120p clip = 25%

You can find the frame/time calculator here.

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