Pinnacle Studio Intermediate and Advanced Editing Techniques

Pinnacle Studio Intermediate and Advanced Editing Techniques

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of video editing, this selection of tutorials will introduce you to some of the intermediate and advanced features and techniques in Pinnacle Studio that will take your video projects to the next level. Learn how to use the multi-camera editor to sync and edit videos, how to rotate and combine clips, how to add slow motion and reverse effects, and more!

How to Make Motion Titles in Pinnacle Studio

Learn how to make professional motion titles in Pinnacle Studio by adding text to motion graphics. Includes tips for changing colors and adding effects.

Advanced Picture-in-Picture Effects in Pinnacle Studio

By adding advanced picture-in-picture effects such as pan and zoom, color grading and custom motion, you can easily enhance your Pinnacle Studio projects.

How to Create an Animated Lower Third

Learn how to create an animated lower third in Pinnacle Studio by combining the powers of keyframing, shapes, masks, text, blur effects and more.

How to Create Custom Animated Overlays

Learn how to create custom animated overlays in Pinnacle Studio to gain followers, introduce episodes, and enhance branding on your social channels.

How to Create and Apply LUTs

Learn how to alter the mood, add drama and cinema-grade color grading effects to your Pinnacle Studio projects by applying LUT color grading profiles.

How to Create Animated GIFs

In this tutorial we’ll show you how easy it is to export your Pinnacle Studio videos as animated GIFs for easy sharing on social media or via email.

How to Export Videos with Transparency

New in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate! Learn how to export your videos with transparency using Alpha Channel for creative effect or as overlays for new projects.

Nesting Clips in Pinnacle Studio

See how to use Clip Nesting in Pinnacle Studio to declutter your timeline, and make applying effects to grouped clips quick and easy!

How to Use Video Masking

Learn how to enhance subjects, hide unwanted objects, and create unique transitions using text and video masks in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.

How to Use the Selective Vectorscope

Learn how to view color shifts across clips, and correct and perfect skin tones using the Selective Vectorscope in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.

How to Use Animated Overlays in Pinnacle Studio

Learn the basics of adding animated video overlays to your Pinnacle Studio projects, plus tips for customizing them to create unique effects.

How to Create Custom Transitions

Learn how to create your own custom and unique transitions, such as horizontal and vertical wipes, to make your next Pinnacle Studio project really stand out.

How to Use Audio Ducking

Learn how to use Audio Ducking in Pinnacle Studio to balance multiple audio clips, like a voiceover track and background music, for pro-quality audio.

Adding Outlines, Glows and Shadows to Green Screen Footage

Enhance your green screen footage with outlines, glows and shadows using the NewBlue Chroma Key Pro filters, only available in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.

How to Improve the Quality of Green Screen Footage

Is your green screen footage too dark or shadowed? Learn how to use the NewBlue Chroma Key filter in Pinnacle Studio to fix imperfect green screen footage.

Advanced Title Effects

Learn how to add creativity and visual impact to your Pinnacle Studio projects by enhancing your titles with motion, effects, and shape backgrounds.

Add a Time Clock Countdown

Pinnacle Studio Pro Maliek shows you how to create a professional-looking time clock effect that you can add to your videos to countdown to the action.

Using Keyframes for Greater Editing Control

Go beyond basic editing and see how you can use the power of keyframes to elevate the professionalism of your video projects.

Video Masking with Motion Tracking

This tutorial will show you how to use Pinnacle Studio's Motion Tracking and Mask Object features in Pinnacle Studio to add cool effects to your videos.

Pinnacle Studio 19 Introduces Multi-Camera Editing

This tutorial provides a quick overview of Pinnacle Studio’s multi-camera editor and how to align clips, switch angles, and add transitions.

Using the Multi-camera Editor to Sync and Edit Videos

This step-by-step tutorial shows how to use the Multi-cam Editor to work with up to 6 cameras to create more dynamic videos.

Synchronize Your Video to a Beat

Learn how to synchronize your video to a beat in Pinnacle Studio, to highlight key moments or climax in the action or transition between images.

DVD Menu and Disc Authoring with Pinnacle Studio

Learn about Pinnacle Studio’s disc authoring tools and how they are used to create a DVD menu, create and edit chapters and export your movie to disc.