Intermediate and Advanced Editing Techniques in Pinnacle Studio

Using the Multi-camera Editor to sync and edit videos

This step-by-step tutorial shows how to use the Multi-cam Editor to work with up to 6 cameras to create more dynamic videos.

Using keyframes for greater editing control

Go beyond basic editing and see how you can use the power of keyframes to elevate the professionalism of your Pinnacle Studio projects.

360° Video Editing

Go full circle with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate’s 360° video editing tools to trim, correct color, add titles or graphics and edit your 360° videos.

Three and Four-Point Editing

Learn how to use Pinnacle’s three and four-point editing to mark the in and out points of your clips and identify precisely where to place them on your timeline.

Nesting clips in Pinnacle Studio

See how to use Clip Nesting in Pinnacle Studio to declutter your timeline, and make applying effects to grouped clips quick and easy!

Dynamic video masking

Explore how you can take video masks to the next level with new controls to evolve masks frame-by frame! (Pinnacle Studio Ultimate only)

Add motion with Pan and Zoom presets

This tutorial will show you how to use Pinnacle Studio’s Pan and Zoom presets that allow you to easily add motion and focus on key parts of your video.

Time Remapping in Pinnacle Studio

Learn how to use Pinnacle Studio’s time remapping controls to adjust the speed of your video clips to speed up, slow down or even reverse some scenes.

Advanced Title Effects

Learn how to add creativity and visual impact to your Pinnacle Studio projects by enhancing your titles with motion, effects, and shape backgrounds.

Create Custom Motion 3D Titles

Learn how to use the 3D Title Editor to create custom titles in Pinnacle Studio. You can control the look of the text and how it moves across the screen.

Using the Title Editor

The redesigned title editor in Pinnacle Studio gives you unprecedented control over every letter. Learn how to use it in this tutorial!

Creating project templates

See how to easily create your own Pinnacle Studio custom templates that can be used for future projects like tutorials or promo videos.

How to Use Blend Modes

Learn how to use blend modes in Pinnacle Studio 25 to layer your tracks more creatively than ever for eye-catching transitions and special effects!

How to Use Smart Object Tracking

Learn how to mask people, animals, cars and more, on screen, with new AI-powered smart object tracking, exclusive to Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate.

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