Nesting Clips in Pinnacle Studio

Nesting Clips in Pinnacle Studio

New to Pinnacle Studio 23, Clip Nesting functionality is focused around streamlining your editing process. This workflow enhancing addition to Pinnacle Studio allows you to group clips together on your timeline, making it simpler than ever to navigate sections of your project.

Not only does Clip Nesting reduce clutter on your timeline and improve your ability to control the level of detail viewable at any given moment, it also impacts the efficiency with which you can apply filters and other effects to clips. Easily apply creative enhancements or customizations to nested clips to instantly apply them across all clips simultaneously – no need to spend valuable editing time applying identical changes individually.

Grouping clips in Pinnacle Studio is an easy way to improve the organization of your project. Now, exporting sections of your project like custom introductions and endings for use in future videos is easy and efficient and can be done in just a few clicks.

Clips can be grouped and nested on the timeline. Grouping clips on the timeline keeps all clips visible, and allows you to move multiple clips around on the timeline simultaneously. Nesting clips by saving them as a new project will condense the clips to one track on the timeline, reducing clutter and offering options to apply effects to all the clips in a nested project at once. Clips that are nested in this way can still be viewed and edited directly by double clicking on the nested clip in the timeline, or by clicking on the new tab that appears above the timeline toolbar.

How to Save Grouped Clips as a New Project

Saving grouped clips as a new project will nest them within your timeline, and allows you to easily export sections of your video for use in future videos.

  1. Select the clips you wish to group together by clicking on each of the clips while holding CTRL. You can select back-to-back clips on a track by holding SHIFT, clicking on the first clip you want to include, and then clicking on the last clip you want to include. All the clips between the two you clicked on should be added to your selection.
  2. Right-click while hovering over any clip included in your selection, go to ‘Group’, and then select ‘Save Group as Project’. Give your project a name, and click OK to save it as a new project.
    Note: Consider giving the new project nest a name that clearly indicates what is included in those clips, to improve your ability to identify it easily on the timeline.
  3. Once saved as a new project, the clips in the timeline will automatically condense to one nested clip on the timeline. You can explore and edit nested clips directly by double-clicking on the newly created project within your timeline, or clicking on the tab that appears with the nested project name above the toolbar.
    Note: Nesting clips by saving them as new projects will condense them into one track on your timeline, so avoid nesting clips that are layered above and below any non-nested media in your video.

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