Color Effects and Corrections in VideoStudio

Face Effects in VideoStudio

Try out the new Face Effects in VideoStudio to smooth and brighten skin for subtle enhancements or play with eye size and face width for a comical effect.

Adding color backgrounds and patterns

In this short tutorial we’ll show you how to add color chips, color patterns and backgrounds from the VideoStudio library.

Improving the Color in your Video

Are your videos looking a little dark or faded? With the Color Corrections options in VideoStudio you can fix this quickly and easily.

Improve Video Quality

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to use the various settings in VideoStudio’s Options panel to adjust color, speed and length of your video clips.

Removing the Fisheye Effect

Want to add or remove a fisheye effect from your video footage? Here’s how, with the Lens Correction filter in VideoStudio.

Remove the Shake from your Videos

This tutorial will show you how to use the ProDAD Mercalli SE filter in VideoStudio Ultimate to stabilize your shaky video.

How to Fix Lens Distortion

With VideoStudio’s wide-angle lens correction you can quickly and easily remove distortion from wide angle cameras or action cameras.

Color Grading in VideoStudio

Learn how to use the color grading controls in VideoStudio Ultimate to correct color, adjust hue and exposure, apply Look Up Profiles (LUTs) and more.

Using LUTs in VideoStudio

With VideoStudio’s LUT profiles you can easily make color corrections, apply modern color transformations and even mimic popular movie styles.

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