Beginner Video Editing Techniques in VideoStudio

Beginner Video Editing Techniques in VideoStudio

Learn beginner video editing techniques with VideoStudio.

This series of video tutorials will teach you how to do common video edits in the simplest way possible. It is intended for beginners, or for amateurs who are looking to find out the best way to complete a specific task. Beginner Video Editing Techniques covers topics like how to trim a video clip, add subtitles, and export your video. Check out the Advanced Video Editing Techniques course for more powerful video editing strategies.

Get to Know the VideoStudio Workspace

Get to know the VideoStudio workspace, including the Capture, Edit and Share tabs as well as the different tools and options available in each.

VideoStudio Editing Quick Tips

Crop video, resize, and position your media. Rotate, trim, enhance, and more. Join us as we share with you the top 'quick editing' features you need to know.

Import or Capture Videos

The first step in a video editing project is bringing in the footage you want to use. Learn how to import and capture video files using VideoStudio.

How to Rotate Video Clips in VideoStudio

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily rotate video clips in VideoStudio, to correct videos that have been filmed in portrait mode.

Improve Video Quality

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to use the various settings in VideoStudio’s Options panel to adjust color, speed and length of your video clips.

Improving the Color in your Video

Are your videos looking a little dark or faded? Learn how to use the Color Corrections options to improve the color quickly and easily.

How to Split, Cut and Trim Video Clips in VideoStudio

In this tutorial you will learn how to remove segments from the beginning, middle or end of your video using the split, cut and trim tools in VideoStudio.

How to Trim Video in VideoStudio

Need to get shorten your video clips or get rid of unwanted footage? In this tutorial we’ll show you how to easily trim video in VideoStudio.

How to Ripple Edit

Learn how to use Ripple Editing to keep your titles, overlays and audio in sync when making an edit in the middle of your VideoStudio project.

Creating Basic Titles

Titles can help make your VideoStudio projects more professional and easier to follow. Learn how to create and edit basic titles in this tutorial.

Adding Color Backgrounds and Patterns

In this short tutorial we'll show you how to add color chips, color patterns and backgrounds from the VideoStudio library.

How to Merge Videos in VideoStudio

Learn how to merge videos in VideoStudio by using transitions to blend smoothly from one video clip or image into the next for professional results.

How to Edit Audio

Learn the basics of adding and editing audio, layering clips, balancing audio levels, adding royalty-free soundtracks, and more.

Playing with Audio

Perfecting the sound in your video is an important editing technique. Learn how to use VideoStudio’s Sound Mixer for greater control over the audio.

Skin Touch Ups in VideoStudio

Learn how to quickly and easily remove wrinkles and blemishes and make your subjects look flawless in just a few clicks, using Skin Touch Up in VideoStudio.

How to Use FastFlick

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use FastFlick, the simple 3-step slideshow maker in VideoStudio. Choose your template, add your media and share!

How to Use Overlay Templates

Learn how to use overlay templates to turn your video clips into a news broadcast-style video. Download free overlay samples to follow along!

Package Your Project

Learn how to use the Smart Package feature in VideoStudio to easily share your draft video projects with a friend, or work on them on a different device.

How to Burn your Videos to DVD

This tutorial will show you how to burn your VideoStudio projects to DVD and AVCHD with 100+ customizable menus, submenus, chapters, and music.

How to Export your Video

VideoStudio makes it easy to share your video - upload directly to social media sites or export for viewing on all kinds of devices.

Export and Share Videos

VideoStudio allows you to output your video projects in many formats. Here’s how to export and upload your video production for YouTube streaming.

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