Intermediate and Advanced Video Editing Techniques in VideoStudio

Intermediate and Advanced Video Editing Techniques in VideoStudio

This collection of tutorials will explore some of the more advanced features and techniques to take your VideoStudio projects to the next level, such as video masking, motion tracking, overlays, special effects, and more.

Creating Motion Titles in VideoStudio

Learn how to add text to motion graphics to create professional motion titles in VideoStudio. Includes tips for adding effects and changing colors.

Understanding Blending Modes

Learn how to use blending modes in VideoStudio to specify how overlay clips blend with the background to produce unique and amazing effects.

Video Masking in VideoStudio

Learn how to use the masking tools in VideoStudio 2020 Ultimate to create text masks, title reveals and overlays or to blur faces and backgrounds.

Using LUTs in VideoStudio

With VideoStudio’s new LUT profiles you can easily make color corrections, apply modern color transformations and even mimic popular movie styles.

Advanced Picture-in-Picture Effects in VideoStudio

Make your VideoStudio projects more dynamic by adding advanced picture-in-picture effects such as pan and zoom, color grading and custom motion.

How to Blur Faces or Objects

Need to censor a video? Here are 2 different VideoStudio motion tracking methods that you can use to blur faces and objects in your video clips.

Motion Tracking Text

This tutorial will teach you about motion tracking text in VideoStudio and you’ll see how easy it is to make a title follow a moving person or object.

How to Use Animated Overlays in VideoStudio

Learn how to use animated video overlays to make your VideoStudio movies more dynamic! Plus get ideas for advanced creative options and effects.

Advanced Green Screen Effects with Chroma Key

Learn how to create advanced green screen effects by using the Chroma Key filter from NewBlue to fix imperfect green screen footage.

Creating Advanced Title Effects

Want to add an extra touch of creativity to your VideoStudio projects? Learn how to add animation, filters and motion paths for advanced title effects.

How to Use Chroma Key, Masks and Overlays

Learn how to use Chroma Key, masks and overlays to add transparency, borders and frames, or green screen special effects in VideoStudio.

How to Use Pan and Zoom

Learn how to zoom in on the action, create custom motion paths, or pan across a scene with the pan and zoom controls in VideoStudio.

Creating a Lower Thirds Animation in VideoStudio

Learn how to create a lower thirds animation in VideoStudio and get tips for saving custom motion paths and motion graphics for future projects.

Adding Clickable Links to YouTube Videos

Learn how to add clickable links to YouTube videos by creating hotspots with VideoStudio and adding text and links with YouTube video manager.

Creating Custom Templates in VideoStudio

Love using templates? This tutorial will show you how to create and export your own Instant Project templates, so you can use them for future projects.

Mapping Routes with the proDAD RotoPen

Learn how to animate a vehicle along a path, like a moving travel line on a map, using the proDAD RotoPen filter, only available in VideoStudio Ultimate.

How to Add Weather Effects to Video

Learn how to add and customize the weather filters in VideoStudio to create weather effects like wind, rain, clouds, lightning and snow.

Stabilize Shaky Video Footage

This tutorial will show you how to use the proDAD Mercalli SE stabilization filter for VideoStudio Ultimate to minimize bounce and shake in video footage.

Speed Up the Editing Process

Enjoy a fast and fluid editing experience in VideoStudio by enabling Smart Proxy, allowing you to edit HD content without slowing down your computer!

Introduction to Motion Tracking

This tutorial introduces you to motion tracking in VideoStudio with a simple project to familiarize you with the options of the motion tracking feature.

Using Painting Creator

Learn how to use VideoStudio’s Painting Creator tool to record your brushstrokes and create animated paintings to add to your video projects.

Motion Tracking Multiple Objects

Learn how to add motion tracking to multiple objects in your VideoStudio projects, using advanced keyframing to fine tune the object attributes.

How to Add Subtitles

Learn how to quickly add subtitles to your videos using the Subtitle Editor and Title Tab in VideoStudio to make your videos easier to follow.

Using Visual Effects Filters

Learn how to use the ProDAD Vitascene visual effects filter in VideoStudio Ultimate to add high-quality effects, filters and transitions to your videos.

How to Censor a Video

Need to censor a face or logo in your video? Here’s how to use VideoStudio’s track motion feature to add a moving blur effect to cover these objects.

Add a Picture-in-Picture Effect

Make your videos look more professional and polished by adding a picture-in-picture effect. Here are 2 methods to create this effect in VideoStudio.

How to Add a Freeze Frame Effect

Add extra impact to your video with VideoStudio's Freeze Frame feature that allows you to temporarily stop the action to focus on a single frame.

How to Create a Slow Motion Effect

Here are 3 ways to create a slow motion effect with VideoStudio, plus other tips for modifying the playback speed of your footage faster or slower.

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