Intermediate and Advanced Editing in VideoStudio

Creating GIFs in VideoStudio

With VideoStudio’s GIF creator, you can easily capture a section of your video and convert it to a short repeatable clip that you can share with anyone.

Understanding video blend modes

Learn how to use blend modes in VideoStudio to specify how overlay clips blend with the background to produce unique and amazing effects.

360° Video Editing

With the enhanced 360° video editing features in VideoStudio, you can import, edit and preview, then export directly to YouTube, your VR headset, and beyond!

How to Blur Faces or Objects

Need to censor a video? Here are 2 different VideoStudio motion tracking methods that you can use to blur faces and objects in your video clips.

Multi-camera Editing

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to switch angles, cut and delete, add transitions and easily align clips with the Multi-cam editor.

Split screen video with keyframes

Learn how to create dynamic split screen videos in VideoStudio Ultimate. Create your own layouts, customize with keyframes, and save as a template.

How to Ripple Edit

Learn how to use Ripple Editing to keep your titles, overlays and audio in sync when making an edit in the middle of your VideoStudio project.

Grouping Objects for Easy Edits

Learn how to make easy edits, using VideoStudio’s grouping capabilities to easily move your clips across the Timeline or apply effects to a group of clips.

Converting 360° Video to Standard Video

This VideoStudio tutorial will show you how to convert your 360° video to standard video for playback and set the viewing angles.

Working with portrait videos

Here are 3 creative ways to work with portrait-oriented video clips by applying masks and using backgrounds in VideoStudio Ultimate.

Adding Clickable Links to YouTube Videos

Add clickable links to YouTube videos by creating hotspots with VideoStudio and adding text and links with YouTube video manager.

Speed Up the Editing Process

Enjoy a fast and fluid editing experience in VideoStudio by enabling Smart Proxy allowing you to edit HD content without slowing down your computer!

Mapping Routes with the proDAD RotoPen

Learn how to animate a vehicle along a path, like a moving travel line on a map, using the proDAD RotoPen filter, only available in VideoStudio Ultimate.

How to Edit Ultra HD Videos

This tutorial will show you how to maximize your high definition footage in VideoStudio Pro and create an Ultra HD 4K resolution project.

How to Make HD and Ultra HD Backgrounds

Learning how to make HD and Ultra HD backgrounds opens up infinite possibilities in how you customize your videos. This tutorial will show you how.

How to Set Up HD Video Editing Part 1

Learn how to optimize the settings for HD video editing in VideoStudio and how to save these settings as a template for future projects.

How to Set Up HD Video Editing Part 2

In this video we will explore some of more technical details of your video clips and how to optimize them for your HD project in VideoStudio.

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