Pinnacle Studio Beginner Editing Techniques

Pinnacle Studio Beginner Editing Techniques

If you are new to Pinnacle Studio, or just need a refresher course on the basics of video editing, this series of tutorials will walk you through the various tools and techniques you need to be familiar with before starting any video project. Learn how to import, organize and manage your media files, how to perform basic tasks like cropping video and creating titles, and how to use some key features like Audio Ducking and SmartMovie.

Discover Pinnacle Studio

New to Pinnacle Studio? Get an overview of the product and an introduction to the 10 basics steps in the video editing workflow, from importing your clips to exporting your movie.

How to Easily Edit Video by Organizing Your Media

You’re back from shooting on-location, and now it’s time to make your family holiday video – fast. You’ll be top of this year’s film school class with these tips for importing and organizing your footage.

Basic Video Editing for Beginners

Learn all about the basic editing tools in Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate from Pinnacle Studio Pro Maliek Whitaker. This tutorial will get you up to speed on how to use the software and introduce you to all of the editing tools that will help you improve your workflow and your videos.

How to Crop Video

Our cropping tutorial will show you several tools you can use to get rid of black bars around your video, remove objects from your video that you recorded in error, or get your talent front and center in your shot.

Copy and Paste Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to duplicate any audio clip, video clip, setting, or effect in Pinnacle Studio and paste or add it to the timeline track of your choice.

How to Adjust the Volume

This tutorial shows you how to change the audio of entire track or change parts of the audio separately.

Using the SmartMovie Feature

This tutorial on the SmartMovie feature will show you how to create a great looking movie in minutes. This is a quick and easy way to make great-looking videos for any occasion.

Adjusting the Opacity of Video Clips

Pinnacle Studio Pro Maliek shows you how to use the new Track Transparency feature to adjust the opacity of video clips.

Picture-in-Picture Overview

This short tutorial will give you a quick look at at using the new controls to easily create a picture-in-picture effect.

How to Use Transitions

In this tutorial, you will learn everything you need to know about how to use transitions in your Pinnacle Studio video projects.

Intro to Basic Video Editing Techniques

Get an introduction to the basic video editing tools in Pinnacle Studio: how to adjust clips and enhance footage, and how to use presets and transitions.

Importing and Managing Media

This tutorial on importing media and managing media assets will show you how to get your media where you want it and get to making videos with the greatest of ease.

Creating Titles in Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio Pro Maliek Whitaker shares his tips and tricks for creating titles. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create, format and position text, and how to apply transitions and effects to your titles.

Using Project Bins to Organize your Media

This tutorial shows you how to use project bins to import and organize your media assets. The feature makes it easy to bring only the files you need into one location.

Adding Music Using Scorefitter

This tutorial shows you how to use Scorefitter to add free royalty free music to your videos, slideshows, and time lapses. Pinnacle Studio Pro Maliek Whitaker discusses the ins and outs of the plugin, the interface, and how to use it to add songs to the project timeline.

Deleting Files to Make Room on your Hard Drive

Pinnacle Studio Pro Maliek Whitaker shows you the various ways you can delete your video render files, by using the delete features in the Pinnacle Studio control panel and library, or by removing the files directly from your PC.

Cropping and Resizing in the Timeline

This tutorial will show you how to use the new Crop icon to crop, zoom or resize your videos directly in the timeline.

Relink Missing Media

See how simple it is to restore missing media files that have been moved to a different folder, renamed or deleted.

Skin Touch Ups

Learn how to use the Skin Touch Up plugin from NewBlue Essentials IV to remove blemishes and smooth out wrinkles.

How to Export Videos

Get a look at the new export interface in Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate, along with step by step instructions on how to export a video project.

Easy Photo Slideshows

Looking to create a photo slideshow? Learn the shortcuts to video editing with Pinnacle Studio’s SmartMovie feature and Montage templates.

Adding Symbols and Icons to your Titles

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add symbols like © or wingdings to your video titles. Maliek shows you how to set up Pinnacle Studio so that you can use these characters in the title editor.

DVD Menu and Disc Authoring

Pinnacle Studio Pro Maliek Whitaker shares some great tips and tricks for creating DVD menus and disc authoring.

Audio Ducking in Pinnacle Studio 19

Audio ducking is a new feature in Pinnacle Studio 19 Plus and Ultimate that allows you to balance dialog or narration with background sound like a music track for pro-quality audio. Whenever someone is speaking, the volume of the music will lower or “duck” so that the voice over can be clearly heard.

NEW Track Transparency Overview

This tutorial will give you a look at the new Track Transparency feature in Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus and Ultimate. See how to add impact to your video tracks by adjusting the opacity of a video clip, so you can see multiple clips at the same time in an overlay effect.

Add Motion with Pan and Zoom Presets

This tutorial will show you the new Pan and Zoom presets that allow you to easily add motion and focus on key parts of your video.

Removing the Green Line from YouTube Videos

Pinnacle Studio Pro Maliek shows you how to remove the green line that sometimes appears at the bottom of YouTube videos.

Reversing your Video Clips

Learn how to reverse your video clips in Pinnacle Studio, then adjust the duration to speed up or slow down your reversed clip.

How to Split and Trim Videos

In this tutorial, you will learn how to split, cut, and trim your video clips to remove segments of a video from the beginning, middle or end.