Using Templates and Overlays in Pinnacle Studio

How to use Pinnacle project templates

Get started quickly with Pinnacle project templates that have effects, transitions and text boxes built in – just add your photos and videos!

How to create an animated lower third

Learn how to create an animated lower third in Pinnacle Studio by combining the powers of keyframing, shapes, masks, text, blur effects and more.

How to Make Motion Titles in Pinnacle Studio

Learn how to make professional motion titles in Pinnacle Studio by adding text to motion graphics. Includes tips for changing colors and adding effects.

How to Create Custom Animated Overlays

Learn how to create custom animated overlays in Pinnacle Studio to gain followers, introduce episodes, and enhance branding on your social channels.

How to use animated overlays in Pinnacle Studio

Learn the basics of adding animated video overlays to your Pinnacle Studio projects, plus tips for customizing them to create unique effects.

Creating project templates

See how to easily create your own Pinnacle Studio custom templates that can be used for future projects like tutorials or promo videos.

Dynamic split screen with keyframes

Learn how to use keyframes in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate to add motion to your split screen videos and show multiple video streams simultaneously.

Creating Split Screen Videos

Learn how to use the Split Screen feature in Pinnacle Studio to show multiple video streams simultaneously.

Easy Photo Slideshows

Looking to create a photo slideshow? Learn the shortcuts to video editing with Pinnacle Studio’s SmartMovie feature and Montage templates.