What’s New in VideoStudio

What’s new in VideoStudio

See what’s new in VideoStudio 2023, including new title motion options and title effects, parallax transitions, new format support and more.

NEW! How to Use Audio Cues

Learn how to use audio cues in VideoStudio to emphasize key moments in your video projects by matching your clips to the beat of a music track.

Adding effects and motion to titles in VideoStudio

Take your titles to the next level! Learn how to add animation, special effects, and motion to create professional-looking titles in VideoStudio.

Adding and Customizing Transitions

Adding transitions is a quick and easy way to add some visual impact and interest to your videos. Learn how to add and customize transitions in VideoStudio.

Speech to Text converter

With VideoStudio’s new speech-to-text converter, creating captions is easy! Instead of creating subtitles manually, this tool will do it automatically.

Creating GIFs in VideoStudio

With VideoStudio’s GIF creator, you can easily capture a section of your video and convert it to a short repeatable clip that you can share with anyone.

Face Indexing in VideoStudio

The Face Indexing feature in VideoStudio Ultimate automatically identifies faces in your video clips, so you can easily select scenes with specific people.

How to Use Face-tracking AR Stickers

With the charismatic new AR Stickers in VideoStudio you can easily add instant personality to reaction videos, vlogs, gaming videos, and more.

Face Effects in VideoStudio

Try out the new Face Effects in VideoStudio to smooth and brighten skin for subtle enhancements or play with eye size and face width for a comical effect.

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