What’s New in VideoStudio

See What’s New in VideoStudio

This series of tutorials will introduce you to exciting new features and enhancements in the newest release of VideoStudio. Learn how to use the dynamic Split Screen template creator, Color Grading controls, and custom video and text masks to make your videos will come to life in ways you never imagined. Create a polished production worthy of the big screen with the new alpha channel capabilities, enhanced title editor, seamless transitions, tiny planet effects, and much more. Live your life, create memories, and let VideoStudio help you tell your story – your way!

What’s New in VideoStudio

Check out the exciting new creative features in VideoStudio 2019, like color grading, seamless and morph transitions, dynamic split screen and much more!

Seamless Transitions

Learn how to use the new Seamless Transitions in VideoStudio to create smooth transitions by aligning similar colors or objects in one scene with the next.

Color Grading

Learn how to use the new color grading controls in VideoStudio Ultimate to correct color, adjust hue and exposure, add effects with Look Up Profiles (LUT) and more.

Split Screen Video with Keyframes

Learn how to create dynamic split screen videos in VideoStudio Ultimate. Create your own layouts, customize with keyframes, and save as a template.

Creating Tiny Planet Effects

Learn how to easily create Tiny Planet or Rabbit Hole effects in VideoStudio, then use keyframes to adjust zoom and rotation for truly unique results!

Morph Transitions

Learn how to use the new Morph Transitions in VideoStudio to transition between scenes and merge video so that there is no discernible beginning or end.

Creating Title Presets

Learn how to use VideoStudio’s enhanced Title Editor to create custom titles with motion, text and graphics, and then save them as presets to use again.

Creating Video Text Masks

Learn how to use the enhanced Mask Creator in VideoStudio Ultimate to create your own text masks or still masks from select areas of your video.

Adding Custom Motion Effects

Learn how to customize the movement of your graphics, titles, and overlays along a defined path with enhanced Customize Motion feature in VideoStudio.

Exporting Videos with Transparent Background

Learn how to export your overlays, motion graphics, masks or text with a transparent background using the new alpha channel capabilities in VideoStudio.

MultiCam Capture Lite

Learn how to use MultiCam Capture Lite in VideoStudio to record two different sources like your screen and webcam at the same time – great for how-to videos!

Creating Custom Motion Paths

Learn how to create and save custom motion paths and apply them to other elements in your project, or reuse them in future VideoStudio projects.

See what's new in VideoStudio 2019!

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