Natural Lighting in Photography

Natural Lighting in Photography

In this series of tutorials professional photography Julie Hearty shares her tips and tricks for using natural light in photography.

You’ll learn about the different types of light like golden light, open shade and full sun, and how (and when) to find them. Whether you are photographing people or still life objects, Julie shows you natural light can be your most important and powerful tool.

Introduction to Natural Lighting in Photography

Natural light is the most powerful and important tool available to photographers. Understanding how natural light works, and how to work with it, is the key to creating stunning images. In this video tutorial you will learn the basic fundamentals of different types of natural lighting, including golden light, open shade and full sun.

Using Natural Light for Still Life Photography

Improve your still life photographs with these tips from professional photographer Julie Hearty on using natural lighting. In this video tutorial Julie talks about how to find the right light and position your subject, using a reflector to fill in shadows, and choosing the right background.

Family Outdoor Photography using Natural Light

When taking pictures of your family outdoors there are many things to keep in mind when it comes to lighting. In this tutorial professional photographer Julie Hearty goes into more detail about 3 types of natural light, including golden light, open shade and full sun. Learn when and where to find these types of natural light, and how to use it to make your family photos spectacular!

Night Photography using Natural Light

In this final video on natural lighting in photography, professional photographer Julie Hearty shares her tips for night-time photography. Learn how to find the right light source, how to brighten photos by adjusting camera settings like ISO, shutter speed and aperture plus how to use other camera features like light meter and histogram to capture great photos outdoors at night.

Using Natural Light for Portrait Photography

Learn how to make your friends and family look spectacular with this tutorial on portrait photography using natural light. Professional photographer Julie Hearty will give you tips on focal points, how to capture personality and essence; how to select the right background, and techniques for back, front and side lighting.

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