HDR Photo Editing

How to Create an HDR Effect

Learn how to transform your photos into stunning HDR images – no special photography techniques required, just PaintShop Pro!

HDR Merge

Learn how to use the HDR Exposure Merge feature in PaintShop Pro to combine photos taken with different exposure settings to create dramatic images.

How to Create Custom HDR Presets

Once you have created just the right HDR effect in PaintShop Pro’s HDR Lab, learn how to create, save and share your own custom HDR presets.

Turn your JPEG Photos into HDR Images

Learn how to use the HDR Merge function in PaintShop Pro to transform your ordinary JPEG photos into stunning HDR images.

How to Create Night HDR Photos

In this tutorial you will learn how to create an awesome nighttime HDR photo using the HDR Exposure Merge tool in PaintShop Pro.

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