Working with Masks

Working with Masks

Masking is an easy, non-destructive photo editing technique that allows you to highlight or hide portions of a photo. In this series of tutorials, we’ll walk you through the basics of how to create and edit simple masks, then delve into advanced techniques to create your own masks using text, shapes, selections and gradients.

Introduction to Masks

Get an introduction to masking in PaintShop Pro and see how you can use masks for creative photo framing, transitions, textures, collages and more.

How to Apply Masks

Learn how to apply and adjust a simple mask from PaintShop Pro’s mask library, and how to get free masks and more creative content from the Welcome Book.

How to Edit and Adjust Masks

Learn how to create appealing photo effects with masks. This tutorial demonstrates specific techniques to adjust, edit and combine masks in PaintShop Pro.

How To Create New Masks

Create your own masks from scratch. Apply a variety of masks to your photos with five unique options. This step-by-step tutorial will demonstrate how.

Creating Masks from Text and Shapes

Discover creative ways to use text and PaintShop Pro’s pre-set shapes make your own photo masks, which can then be saved for use in future projects.

Creating Masks from Selections

In this tutorial you will learn advanced masking techniques using PaintShop Pro’s selection tools and brush tools to create unique, custom photo effects.

Creating Gradient Masks

Learn how to use the Gradient Fill tool to add a gradient and then use it as a mask to create interesting transitions between two different photos.

How to Make Collage Templates

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to use shapes and masks to make collage templates. Build your own unique layouts to showcase your favorite photos.

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