What’s New in PaintShop Pro

In this series of tutorials, we’ll take a look at what’s new in recent versions of PaintShop Pro. Learn how to use the new Focus Stacking feature to combine multiple images of the same scene, taken at different focus distances, to create a final image with a greater depth of field. Take advantage of the new AfterShot Lab built right into PaintShop Pro for RAW image editing, and see how the enhanced Frame tool makes it quick and easy to create digital layouts and composite images. Plus explore the time-saving AI-based solutions and many other new features and enhancements that have been added to PaintShop Pro in the last few releases.

What’s New in PaintShop Pro 2023

See what’s new in PaintShop Pro 2023, including Focus Stacking, an enhanced Frame tool, AfterShot Lab for RAW editing, and much more.

How to use Focus Stacking

Learn how to use Focus Stacking to blend multiple images of the same scene, taken at different focus distances, to create a crisp and clear image.

Introduction to AfterShot Lab

In this tutorial, we’ll review the interface and tools within AfterShot Lab, the RAW image editing application built into PaintShop Pro 2023.

How to use the Frame tool

See how to use PaintShop Pro’s Frame tool to quickly and easily create digital layouts and add your images to a variety of shape or text frames.

Instant background replacement

The AI Background Replacement feature in PaintShop Pro automatically detects and masks people in a photo so you can seamlessly replace the background.

New AI Portrait Mode

Learn how to create professional-looking portraits with PaintShop Pro’s AI Portrait Mode feature that automatically applies a blur effect to the background.

Enhanced AI Style Transfer

With PaintShop Pro’s AI Style Transfer, you can instantly turn your photos into works of art with dozens of presets that replicate famous artistic styles.

Enlarging Photos with AI Upsampling

See how you can dramatically enlarge any photo without compromising resolution or visual quality, using PaintShop Pro’s AI upsampling feature.

Removing Noise from Photos with AI Denoise

Removing noise from photos just got easier, with PaintShop Pro’s AI Denoise feature. See how to get crisp and clear images with just one click.

Removing JPEG Artifacts from Photos

Easily remove JPEG artifacts and restore the fine details and original colors in your photos with PaintShop Pro’s AI-powered artifact removal feature.

Exploring PaintShop Pro’s Sea-to-Sky workspace

Explore PaintShop Pro’s Sea-to-Sky workspace that has a custom set of tools designed for drone and underwater photography.

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