Getting Started with PaintShop Pro

Getting Started in PaintShop Pro

Get started on your photo editing journey with this short overview tutorial that will introduce you to the PaintShop Pro interface and most-used tools.

Overview of PaintShop Pro Workspaces

Wondering which PaintShop Pro workspace to use? Learn about the different workspaces and which one will best suit your skill level and workflow.

The Complete Workspace in PaintShop Pro

Get a tour of the Complete workspace in PaintShop Pro, where you can access the full range of professional tools photo editing, designing and organizing.

The Essentials Workspace in PaintShop Pro

Get a tour of the Essentials workspace in PaintShop Pro, which includes all the main photo editing tools and features, organized in a simple interface.

The Photography workspace

Take a tour of the enhanced Photography workspace in PaintShop Pro. The simplified interface makes one-click solutions and quick photo edits a breeze.

Exploring PaintShop Pro’s Sea-to-Sky workspace

Explore PaintShop Pro’s Sea-to-Sky workspace that has a custom set of tools designed for drone and underwater photography.

Opening and importing photos

This tutorial covers the various ways to open common image formats like JPG and PNG and import files from a camera or scanner into PaintShop Pro.

How to Straighten a Photo

Learning how to straighten a photo is a key step in photo editing. You can easily correct your crooked photos with PaintShop Pro’s Straighten tool.

How to Crop Photos

PaintShop Professional Carole Asselin shows you the different ways you can crop your photos to remove unwanted elements or improve your composition.

How to Resize Images

See how you can resize images using different techniques in PaintShop Pro, to fit specific dimensions or a specific area like a photo frame.

Correcting Perspective Distortion

If your photos of buildings are looking crooked or skewed, you can fix this quickly and easily using the Perspective Correction tool in PaintShop Pro.

How to Flip, Mirror and Rotate Photos

Learn how to rotate photos that were taken on an angle, and how to flip or mirror entire images or selected objects in PaintShop Pro.

Selecting Colors in the Material Properties Window

Learn how to use the Material Properties window to access a wide array of color palettes, complementary color schemes, gradients, patterns and textures.

How to Use the Materials Palette

Get a guided tour of PaintShop Pro’s Materials palette, and learn how to select colors, patterns and textures, and create custom color palettes.

How to Add Text to Photos

Learn how to add text to your PaintShop Pro projects, from simple captions to colorful word art filled with textures, gradients, patterns or even other images.

Adding picture frames to your photos

PaintShop Pro comes with lots of frames you can use as a finishing touch for your photos. Learn how to add a picture frame in this tutorial.

Introduction to AI Powered Tools

This tutorial provides an overview of the new tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology in PaintShop Pro.

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