Getting Started with PaintShop Pro

Getting Started with PaintShop Pro

New to PaintShop Pro? Not to worry. Ideal for both those just getting started with PaintShop Pro as well as those who feel like they could simply brush up on their skills.

This series of video tutorials provides a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about the software. Our tutorials guide you through the basics of PaintShop Pro, including what each workspace is used for, managing your workspace, and how to save your files. They also make discovering PaintShop Pro’s latest features easy, letting you make the most of your photo-editing experience. Make your journey in getting started with PaintShop Pro as smooth as possible and take advantage of this carefully crafted tutorial series.

Getting Started

Professional-quality photo editing can seem like a daunting task, which is why we’re making it easy! This tutorial will show you the basics of using the PaintShop Pro workspaces, and finding the most common tools.

The Edit Workspace

This tutorial introduces you to the third and most advanced of the three Workspaces in PaintShop Pro – the Edit Workspace. You will get to know the interface of this Workspace which contains the full suite of image editing tools.

Top New Features of PaintShop Pro X6

PaintShop Pro X6 is Corel’s newest, most powerful photo editing program! You can expect a faster, more efficient editing process with more options and control than ever!

The Manage and Adjust Workspaces

This tutorial will introduce you to the Manage and Adjust Workspaces in PaintShop Pro. You will be introduced to the various features and tools of these two Workspaces.

The Basics of Saving Files

There are dozens of available photo export options, so before saving a photo it helps to determine what you will be using it for. This is because the quality of a photo can vary depending on its size. You may have to compromise though, because the larger the file, the harder it can become to share it. Sound complicated? This tutorial will simplify things by teaching you the basics of saving your files in PaintShop Pro.

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