Color and Light in Photography

Color and Light in Photography

Without light, photography would be impossible. So it’s no surprise that photographers are obsessed with using light effectively.

This series of video tutorials from photographer Rob Patterson introduces you to the secrets of using light and color to improve your photos. Intended for casual photographers, each video will clearly explain a simple principle for using light in your photography

Color Theory

Understanding color theory will help you to understand how color should be used in photos. This tutorial will bring you through the basics of color theory and how it can be used to maximize your shots.

Black and White Photography

This tutorial will take a brief look at black and white photography and when to choose black and white over a shot with color.

Color Temperature

The lighting of a photo can make it feel ‘warmer’ or ‘cooler’. This tutorial will teach you about color temperature and how it affects the mood of a photo.

How to Set Up Lighting

Learn about different types of lighting and how to various lighting set-ups can produce different effects for your photography.

Quality of Light

Quality of light refers to the color, and hardness or softness, of light. In this tutorial you will learn the difference between hard light and soft light.

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