Working with Selections

Using the Refine Brush

Learn how to use the Refine brush in PaintShop Pro to select an object with extreme precision, down to a single strand of hair!

How to use Magic Fill to remove unwanted objects

Here’s the easiest way to remove an unwanted object in PaintShop Pro – just create a selection around the object and click the Magic Fill button.

The Magic Move Tool

See how the Magic Move tool in PaintShop Pro will automatically match and replace the background when you move a person or object in a photo.

Improved Selection Behavior

This brief tutorial demonstrates the improvements to selection behavior in PaintShop Pro X8 that will streamline your workflow and save time.

Creating masks from selections

In this tutorial you will learn advanced masking techniques using PaintShop Pro’s selection tools and brush tools to create unique, custom photo effects.

Making a Fine-detail Selection

Learn how to use PaintShop Pro’s Smart Selection tool and Edit Selection mode to create a fine-detail selection, then remove and replace the background.

How to Use the Magic Wand Selection Tool

Learn how to use the Magic Wand selection tool in PaintShop Pro to select an object, and how to adjust the various settings to achieve a perfect selection.

Introduction to Selection Tools

In this introductory tutorial you’ll learn the basics of using PaintShop Pro’s Selection tools to create regular and irregular shaped selections.

How to Use the Object Remover in PaintShop Pro

Learn how to use PaintShop Pro’s Object Remover tool to remove people or objects and replace with source material from another part of your photo.

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