Transitioning to CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW Welcome Screen Tour

Get an introduction to the CorelDRAW Welcome Screen, where you can find learning resources plus clipart, fonts and other content to download.

Finding and Replacing Objects

CorelDRAW’s Find and Replace capabilities make it quick and easy to find objects or text and then make page-wide replacements or formatting changes.

Align to Pixel Grid

Learn how to design clean, crisp web graphics with CorelDRAW, using Pixels view and enhanced features such as align to pixel grid and pixel snapping.

CorelDRAW Color Harmonies

In this tutorial, we will show you how to incorporate CorelDRAW’s color styles and color harmonies into your design workflow to ensure consistency.

With the you can turn good ideas into great designs the moment they arise. Learn how to open, edit and save files with this web app.

Non-destructive Bitmap Effects

Learn how to apply, adjust and experiment with CorelDRAW’s non-destructive effects to get just the look you want, without altering your original image.

Objects Docker/ Inspector

This tutorial will introduce you to CorelDRAW’s Objects docker and show you how it is used to manage objects, layers and pages in your documents.

Page Design and Typography

In the tutorial, designer Mo Jogie demonstrates the page layout functionality as well as the typographic controls available in CorelDRAW.


Learn how to use CorelDRAW’s unique Pointillizer tool to create high-quality vector mosaics from vector or bitmap objects in just a few clicks.

Exporting for PDF X4

See how CorelDRAW’s PDF/X4 export capabilities gives you more creative flexibility, higher quality output, smaller file size and better color production.

Creating Symmetrical Designs

Learn how to quickly and easily create precise symmetrical designs in CorelDRAW, from simple mirrored images to complex kaleidoscope effects or mandalas.

Using Vehicle Wrap Templates

Need to design a vehicle wrap? Start with one of over 200 free vehicle graphic templates included with CorelDRAW and customize with your own artwork.