Working with Text in CorelDRAW

Working with Text in CorelDRAW

This series of tutorials will teach you everything you need to know about working with artistic and paragraph text in CorelDRAW. From the basics of adding, editing and formatting text to advanced topics such as adding effects and working with special characters, this course will give you a thorough understanding of CorelDRAW’s text tools. You will also learn about fonts and get some tips for font management.

Introduction to Fonts

Learn about the various types of fonts, where to get free fonts, and how to download and install fonts from other sources onto your PC or Mac.

Overview of the Text Tool

Get an overview of artistic and paragraph text, and the various text formatting options available with CorelDRAW’s Text tool and Text docker.

Adding and Editing Text

This tutorial is all about adding and editing artistic and paragraph text in CorelDRAW. You’ll also learn how to fit text to curves and shapes.

Working with Variable Fonts

Learn how to use CorelDRAW’s new variable fonts to fine-tune the look of text by changing font properties such as width, slant, weight and more.

Manipulating Text with the Shape Tool

Learn how to use the Shape tool in CorelDRAW to edit artistic and paragraph text by manipulating character nodes for unlimited creative options.

Formatting Paragraph Text

Learn about adding paragraph text in CorelDRAW and the many options available for formatting, wrapping around graphics and linking text frames.

Adding Effects to Text

In this tutorial, we’ll look at some of the fun effects you can apply to text in CorelDRAW, using the Interactive Effects and Shape toolboxes.

Languages and Special Characters

This tutorial will show you how to find and use special characters and symbols, stylistic sets, and characters of other languages in CorelDRAW.

CorelDRAW Writing Tools

Learn about the CorelDRAW writing tools that will help you create error-free text content, such as Spell Check, Thesaurus and QuickCorrect.

Default, Embedded and Substitute Fonts

This tutorial covers three CorelDRAW font topics: how to set default font properties, how to substitute missing fonts, and how to embed fonts.

CorelDRAW Font Management Tips

Learn about the difference between installed and non-installed fonts, how to find and filter fonts, and how to use the Font Sampler to compare fonts.

Using the Font Manager

Learn how to use the Font Manager included in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to easily manage your font library and keep your font collections organized.

How to Import a Font Database

See how you can preserve your font collections with Corel Font Manager 2021, which has new features to import and export font collections and folders.

Create a Chiseled Effect

Learn how to use the Outline, Drop Shadow and PowerClip tools in CorelDRAW to create a chiseled wood effect to enhance your design projects.

Create a Mosaic Text Effect

Learn how to use the Text tool, Fountain Fill tool and PowerClip in CorelDRAW to create unique titles using a mosaic text effect.

Creating a Distressed Look

Want to add a funky, distressed look to your text? This tutorial will guide you through the process in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

Creating an Interlaced Effect

Learn how to create an interlaced effect in CorelDRAW, to give the appearance that text and objects are intertwined or woven together.

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