Getting Started with CorelDRAW

Discover CorelDRAW’s personalized learning tools

In this video, we’ll explore the Learn docker and various types of learning content and practice projects tailored to your skill level and experience with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

The Property Bar in CorelDRAW

Get to know the Property bar in CorelDRAW – a context-sensitive toolbar that changes to display the most common functions specific to the active tool.

The Status Bar in CorelDRAW

In this tutorial, we’ll review the features of CorelDRAW’s Status bar and show you the different options for display preferences and customization.

The Standard Toolbar in CorelDRAW

In this tutorial, we’ll review the tools and features on CorelDRAW’s Standard toolbar along with shortcuts, display preferences and customization.

20 CorelDRAW Master Tips

Do you know all the ways to duplicate an object? Or how to select an object in a large group? Boost your productivity with these tips from a CorelDRAW Master.

Introduction to Drawing Basic Shapes

This short video will show you how to use the Rectangle, Ellipse and Polygon tools to create basic vector shapes in CorelDRAW.

Introduction to Basic Shape Transformations

This quick 2 minute video tip will show you how to move, scale, rotate, stretch and skew a vector object.

Using the Hints Docker

New to CorelDRAW? The Hints docker provides info about the specific tool you have activated so you can learn how to use it from within the application.

How to weld, trim and combine objects

Learn how to use CorelDRAW’s shaping tools to transform objects, by welding or combining objects, using one object to trim another object, and more.

Overview of the Text Tool

Get an overview of artistic and paragraph text, and the various text formatting options available with CorelDRAW’s Text tool and Text docker.

Overview of the CorelDRAW Toolbox

In this tutorial, we’ll review the CorelDRAW Toolbox. This is the main toolbar that contains the collection of key tools for drawing and editing images.

How to align and position objects

Learn about the various CorelDRAW tools that will help you position objects with precision and ease: guidelines, align and distribute options, and live guides.

10 Tips and Tricks to Increase your Productivity

Want to simplify the design process and speed up your workflow? Check out these top 10 CorelDRAW tips that will help you increase your productivity.

How to Use CorelDRAW Templates

This tutorial reviews the template workflow in CorelDRAW, including where to download free templates, and how to organize and manage your template library.

Managing Objects, Layers and Pages

This tutorial will introduce you to the Objects docker and show you how it is used to manage objects, layers and pages in your CorelDRAW documents.