Collaboration Tools

Introduction to

With the new you can turn good ideas into great designs the moment they arise. Learn how to open, edit and save files with this web app.

Design Review & Approval in a Web Browser

In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how you can review, annotate and approve CorelDRAW design files in a web browser using

Working with Comments and Annotations in CorelDRAW

Learn how to add comments and annotations in CorelDRAW documents plus how to view, respond to and resolve feedback from other collaborators.

Understanding CorelDRAW’s Collaboration Workflow

Learn how to maximize your time with CorelDRAW’s collaboration tools that allow you to work together with clients and colleagues on projects.

How to Sync and Share Symbols

Learn how to sync and share symbols with CorelDRAW’s Assets docker, so that design teams are in sync and always working with the most current assets.

Managing Cloud Files and Collaboration in CorelDRAW

Learn how to manage files in the CorelDRAW dashboard, and see how Live Comments make it easy to work with contributors on design projects in real time.