Objects, Layers and Pages

How to use Focus Mode

Learn how to use CorelDRAW’s Focus Mode to isolate an object, or group of objects, making it easy to work on only those elements of your artwork.

Creating Objects with Volume and 3D Appearance

This brief written tutorial shows you how to use some simple tools to create dynamic, three-dimensional objects in CorelDRAW.

Create a QR Code with Embedded Logo

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a QR code with a logo embedded inside it with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

How to fit objects to a path

Learn how to use the Fit Objects to Path command in CorelDRAW, that lets you fit any type and number of objects to a path of your choice.

Creating Graphics for a Full Screen PDF Presentation

This tutorial will show you how to create great looking presentation graphics with CorelDRAW.

Make a barcode with CorelDRAW

Making your own barcode has never been easier! Learn how to use CorelDRAW’s Barcode Wizard to add a barcode quickly and easily to your designs.

Clipping Objects into Other Objects with PowerClip

Learn how to use the PowerClip tool in CorelDRAW for clipping objects, such as photos, bitmaps and vector objects, inside text, frames or other objects.

Working with Layers in the Object Manager

Learn the basics of working with layers in CorelDRAW by using the Object Manager to add, copy and customize layers, and work with a master layer.

How to weld, trim and combine objects

Learn how to use CorelDRAW’s shaping tools to transform objects, by welding or combining objects, using one object to trim another object, and more.

Using Find and Replace in CorelDRAW

With the Find and Replace docker in CorelDRAW you can search a document for objects and then easily make page-wide modifications or replacements.

How to align and position objects

Learn about the various CorelDRAW tools that will help you position objects with precision and ease: guidelines, align and distribute options, and live guides.

Creating Pixel-perfect Web Graphics

Learn how to design clean, crisp web graphics with CorelDRAW, using Pixels view and enhanced features such as align to pixel grid and pixel snapping.

Managing Objects, Layers and Pages

This tutorial will introduce you to the Objects docker and show you how it is used to manage objects, layers and pages in your CorelDRAW documents.

How to Use Multipage View

Learn how you can easily view, manage and edit all your project’s digital assets in one view, using CorelDRAW’s Pages docker and Multipage View.