Lines, Shapes and Outlines

How to create variable-width outlines

Learn how to create dynamic line styles, seamless curves, hand-drawn and calligraphic effects using CorelDRAW’s new Variable Outline tool.

The Outline Pen tool in CorelDRAW

Learn how to access and adjust the settings for the Outline Pen tool in CorelDRAW, which is used to change the appearance of lines and outlines.

How to Reduce the Number of Nodes in Curve Objects

By reducing the number of nodes in a curve object, you can more easily edit and prepare it for output to a variety of devices and file formats.

Introduction to Drawing Basic Shapes

This short video will show you how to use the Rectangle, Ellipse and Polygon tools to create basic vector shapes in CorelDRAW.

Introduction to Basic Shape Transformations

This quick 2 minute video tip will show you how to move, scale, rotate, stretch and skew a vector object.

Advanced Stylus Support

See how to use the pressure, bearing, tilt, and rotation of your stylus to control a variety of tools and effects when working in CorelDRAW.

Enhanced Node Editing

With the revamped node editing features in CorelDRAW, it’s now easier to identify different node types and work with them.

How to use Symmetry Drawing mode

Learn how to use CorelDRAW’s Symmetry Mode to speed up your design workflow, whether you are creating a simple mirrored image or a complex kaleidoscope effect.

How to Design Curves

Watch this helpful tutorial to learn how to use CorelDRAW’s curve drawing tools, and how to use different types of nodes to edit and manipulate curves.

How to draw in perspective

Learn how to use CorelDRAW’s perspective drawing tools to easily draw objects or scenes in perspective, without needing to set up complex grids.