Introduction to PHOTO-PAINT

Introduction to PHOTO-PAINT

This series of tutorials will get you started using Corel PHOTO-PAINT, the powerful image editing application that is part of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. We’ll give you a tour of the interface and point out key tools and features, then move on to some basic image editing and touch up. You will also learn about working with text, masks, effects and brushes.

Introduction to Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Get to know PHOTO-PAINT in this introductory tutorial. Tour the interface and learn about the key features of this powerful image-editing application.

Basic Image Editing and Touch Up in PHOTO-PAINT

Get started with basic photo editing in PHOTO-PAINT: cropping and straightening photos, adjusting color and tone, and removing red-eye and blemishes.

How to Use the Adjustments Docker

Learn how to use the new Adjustments docker in Corel PHOTO-PAINT to easily apply a variety of filters and effects to an image or specific image area.

How to Use the Replace Colors Filter for Precise Image Editing

Learn how to use the Replace Colors filter in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to replace colors throughout an image or within a specific object or area.

Photo Background Removal in PHOTO-PAINT

This tutorial demonstrates two methods of photo background removal in PHOTO-PAINT: using the Smart Selection mask tool and using the Cutout Lab.

Using the Text Tool in PHOTO-PAINT

This tutorial covers everything you need to know about working with text in PHOTO-PAINT, from the basics of adding text to advanced text effects.

Using the Transparency Tool in PHOTO-PAINT

This tutorial will demonstrate the three transparency tools in PHOTO-PAINT: Object Transparency, Color Transparency, and Object Transparency Brush.

Using Effects in Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Learn how to apply, modify, combine and experiment with effects in Corel PHOTO-PAINT, with the new Effects docker that lets you work non-destructively.

Adding Effects with Lenses in PHOTO-PAINT

In PHOTO-PAINT, lenses can be used to apply non-destructive effects to an entire image or specific image area. This tutorial will show you how.

Using Masks in Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Learn how to use masks in Corel PHOTO-PAINT to selectively edit portions of your image, cut and paste image areas, and create composite images.

Using the Paint Tool in PHOTO-PAINT

Learn how to use PHOTO-PAINT’S Paint tool and how to adjust brush properties when adding a variety of effects and paint strokes to your images.

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