CorelDRAW for Screen Printing

Introduction to CorelDRAW for Screen Printing

In this tutorial series, screen-printing professional Georgeann shares her expertise and tips on using CorelDRAW for screen printing projects.

CorelDRAW New Document Setup

Learn how to set up your CorelDRAW document properly from the beginning and see which features and settings will help your design process flow smoothly.

Vector art vs. raster art

What is the difference between vector art vs. raster art? This tutorial reviews the different file types, attributes and when to use each type of artwork.

How to Analyze and Fix Customer-supplied Artwork

Follow this helpful CorelDRAW checklist to analyze artwork files from clients and fix common issues such as missing fonts and low resolution images.

Understanding Color Palettes

Learn about color models and color palettes in CorelDRAW, plus how to create a custom palette and the basics of applying color fills and outlines.

Printing Color Separations

Learn about printing color separations and how to manage the CorelDRAW print settings before you hit “print”, so you get exactly the output you want.

Top 10 CorelDRAW Tips for Screen Printers

Check out these top 10 CorelDRAW tips for screen printers, to help you analyze, edit, share and print your projects confidently and efficiently.

Screen Printing Project: T-shirt Design and Mockup

This sample screen printing project will take you through the entire process of creating a baseball t-shirt design and mockup in CorelDRAW.

The Essential Tools for Garment Decoration

This tutorial covers several of the tools in CorelDRAW, such as the Smooth tool, Knife and PowerTrace, that are handy when working on designs for garments.