Webinar: The Power Behind CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021

Webinar: The Power Behind CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021

In this recorded webinar, product expert Roger Wambolt demonstrates how you can work most efficiently with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021. He will cover a full range of features, from basic tools, such as drawing and shaping tools, to working with templates, as well as the new Pages docker and Multi-asset export docker. Roger will also show you how to customize your workspace to help you fast track your workflow and save you time.

This tutorial is great for beginners to those looking to accelerate their workflow. Take an even deeper look into CorelDRAW as Roger walks you through: vector effects, bitmap effects styles, perspective, PowerClip, working with bitmaps, background removal, Corel Font Manager, and so much more.

Below the video player you will find a full breakdown of the 90-minute session. Use the time stamps as reference if you wish to view a specific topic.

Breakdown of the full 90-minute session:

0:19​ – What’s included in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021?
1:07​ – Tour of the interface
3:16​ – Welcome Book tour
5:31​ – How to start a new document
6:56​ – Autofit page feature
7:51​ – The Pages docker
9:41​ – File Input/Output & Multi-asset export
13:12​ – Templates
13:59​ – Objects docker
14:52​ – Selecting and aligning
18:43​ – Copy vs duplicate
21:49​ – Shape editing
26:48​ – Crop tool flyout
29:43​ – Interactive tools
36:29​ – Enveloping
37:25​ – Transparency and lenses
39:09​ – Using the Transparency tool

40:31​ – Perspective
42:13​ – Text basics
44:44​ – Variable font support
46:27​ – Corel Font Manager
49:37​ – Clipart
51:00​ – PowerClip
54:04​ – PowerTRACE
58:16​ – Working with bitmaps
1:00:53​ – Upsampling
1:02:36​ – Cutout Lab and Image Adjustment Lab
1:09:41​ – Distressed effect
1:11:29​ – Stacking non-destructive effects
1:14:30​ – Art Styles effects
1:15:22​ – Scripts and macros
1:18:21​ – Pointillizer
1:19:44​ – Color palettes
1:21:04​ – Workspace customization

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