Concept Art for Beginners

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Concept Art for Beginners

This tutorial series by Painter Master Elite Cliff Cramp will cover the basics of getting started with Painter for beginner concept artists. Begin with a tour of the Painter workspace and get familiar with a variety of tools and options for customizing your workspace. Learn how to build your concept art image starting with a rough sketch to develop the basic shapes and forms, then moving on to adding colors, light source and fine details to complete your artwork.

Part 1: Introduction to Painter for Concept Artists

Get an introduction to concept art from Painter Master Elite Cliff Cramp. Learn the basics of brushes and other helpful Painter tips and tricks.

Part 2: Blocking in Shapes in Concept Art

Learn how to get started on your journey as a digital artist. This beginner’s video tutorial shows you how to block in shapes using Corel Painter.

Part 3: Establishing Form in Concept Art

Follow along with Painter Master Elite Cliff Cramp in this video tutorial as he establishes form to create visual interest in his digital concept art.

Part 4: Using Color in Concept Art

In this tutorial, you’ll follow along with Painter Master Elite Cliff Cramp as he sets the mood in a painting using color temperature and light.

Part 5: Adding Detail with Texture in Concept Art

Follow along with Painter Master Cliff Cramp as he shows you how to add detail to your digital art using Texture images and brushes in Corel Painter.

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