Photo Art with Painter Essentials

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Photo Art with Painter Essentials

Get started with your photo art journey using industry leading tools that are custom built to simplify the process. Whether you prefer to auto-paint a photo with a click, or dip your brush into the image and freestyle paint away, Essentials has the solution to make the process fun and productive. Treasured memories are only a few strokes away.

Getting Started with Auto-Painting

Painter Master Elite Karen Bonaker shows you how to get started by setting up your photo and using the Auto-paint function.

Sketching from a Photo

Get some tips from Painter Master Elite Karen Bonaker on how to use tracing paper to create a freehand sketch from a photo.

Adding Hand-painted Details to an Auto-painting

Painter Master Elite Karen Bonaker walks you through the steps of adding hand-painted details to your auto-painted images.

Auto-painting Presets

Learn how to combine multiple Artificial Intelligence auto-painting styles and effects to create an impressive work of art in Painter Essentials.

Clone Painting

Learn how to refine and personalize your auto-painting results in Painter Essentials by adding in hand-painted brushstrokes, textures and blending.


Painter Master Elite Collin Chan shows you how to remove background elements, auto-paint and add hand-painted strokes to your Painter Essentials art.

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