Photo Art with Painter Essentials

Getting started with auto-painting

This video walks through the photo art tools in Painter Essentials 8 so that you understand how to get started with auto-painting and paint by hand workflows.

Auto-painting Presets

Learn how to combine multiple Artificial Intelligence auto-painting styles and effects to create an impressive work of art in Painter Essentials.

AI-based Photo Painting in Painter Essentials

Learn how to use the Artificial Intelligence-based photo-painting styles in Painter Essentials to instantly transform your photos in works of art.

Clone Painting

Learn how to refine and personalize your auto-painting results in Painter Essentials by adding in hand-painted brushstrokes, textures and blending.

Tracing a Sketch

Painter Master Elite Collin Chan shows you how to remove background elements, auto-paint and add hand-painted strokes to your Painter Essentials art.

Understanding Auto-Painting and Touch-up

Learn how to use AI Auto-Painting presets in Painter Essentials to create a work of art from a photo, then use the touch-up tools to fine tune.

Adding Hand-painted Details to an Auto-painting

This tutorial will teach you the difference between cloning color and painting with a selected color when adding hand-painted details to an auto-painting.