Getting Started with Painter

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Getting Started with Painter

If you are new to digital painting, or an experienced artist using Painter for the first time, this tutorial series is a great place to start. Painter Masters Justin Buus and Jeremy Sutton demonstrate the key tools and techniques, such as setting up a new canvas, choosing brushes, selecting color and setting up your workspace preferences. Mastering these simple tools and techniques will ensure that your digital painting process gets off to a good start.

Setting up your Canvas

The first step in creating a new painting is setting up your canvas. Learn about the different settings available.

Selecting Color

This tutorial will get you started with color selection and show you 3 different methods of color picking you can use.

Creating a New Canvas

In this tutorial, learn how to create a new canvas and save the canvas settings as a preset that can be reused.

Clearing and Undoing Brushes

Learn about the numerous ways to select a brush in Painter, undo individual strokes and clear the entire canvas.

Introduction to Color Selection

There are several color tools in Painter, and in this tutorial Painter Master Jeremy Sutton shows you how to use each one.

Choosing and Calibrating Brushes

Learn about different brush categories, options and settings, and to create custom palettes and calibrate your brushes.

Layers and Selections

This tutorial covers a couple of tools that will help to streamline your painting process – layers and selections.

Adding and Saving Textures

This tutorial introduces the Paper Texture palette and explains how to apply Surface Texture and save as a template.

Brush Tracking and Property

Learn how to customize Painter to your touch and adjust the size, opacity, squeeze and angle of your brushes.

Color Variability and Expression

Painter Master Jeremy Sutton shows you how to adjust color variability and expression in the brush control panel.

Create Lines with Drawing Tools

There are several tools in Painter that will help you create simple line drawings before adding lighting and color.

Setting Preferences

Customizing your workspace is actually quite simple and will give you the optimal interface for your painting style.

Interface Introductions

Get a guided tour of the Painter interface, including the Brush Selector, Property Bar, Color Panels and more.

Custom Brushes

Learn about Advanced Brush Controls, including Jitter, multiple colors, and saving custom brush variants.

Photo Sketch

Learn how to create a simple sketch and painting using Quick Clone, pencils, watercolors and chalk variants.

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