How to Use ParticleShop

How to Use ParticleShop

This collection of tutorials will introduce you to ParticleShop, the brush plugin for Adobe® Photoshop® that gives designers, photographers and artists the ability to enhance their work with Corel Painter’s particle brush technology. Take a tour through the workspace and get tips and tricks from the experts.

Artistic Photo Composites Webinar

Artist Caroline Julia Moore demonstrates how to use ParticleShop brushes to create a compelling digital art image from a photo.

Adding Particle Brushstrokes to your Photos

Professional photographer Renee Robyn demonstrates how to use the ParticleShop plugin to enhance your photos.

How to Work with 16-bit Images in ParticleShop

Professional photographer Renee Robyn shares her tips and tricks for working with 16-bit images in ParticleShop.

Automatic Layer Duplication in ParticleShop

With the ParticleShop 1.2 update you now have a quick-launch panel that will help you automatically create duplicate layers.

How to Use Non-destructive Layer Editing

Non-destructive layer editing in ParticleShop allows you to work on a duplicate copy of your image without changing the original.

How to Use the ParticleShop Workspace

Take a tour through the ParticleShop workspace and learn how to use the grab-and-go tools available for the amazing Particle brushes.

Exploring ParticleShop with Aaron Rutten

Painter Master Aaron Rutten gives an overview of the ParticleShop plugin followed by a short tutorial on how to use it.

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