Getting Started with Painter Essentials

Getting Started with Painter Essentials

This tutorial will get you started using the simple auto-painting tools in Painter Essentials to turn your photos into paintings.

Understanding the User Interface

Join us for a tour of the enhanced user interface in Painter Essentials. See new features like a dark theme, tool highlights, new icons and more.

Introduction to Painter Media

Painter Master Elite Don Seegmiller demonstrates a variety of unique brushes that glow, jitter, shatter, distort and add decorative brushstrokes.

How to Use the Color Selector

See how to use the Color Selector in Painter Essentials, including new features like circular grabbers and a split color and clone painting preview.

Painting with a drawing tablet

Painter Master Elite Cher Pendarvis demonstrates the benefits of using a pressure-sensitive drawing tablet with Painter Essentials.

Sketching with Pencils

Create your first pencil sketch in Painter Essentials! Learn how to find and use various pencil media types and keep them organized in a custom palette.

Sketching with Pen and Ink

Learn how to create a simple pen and ink sketch in Painter Essentials, with tips on using various pen brushes and organizing them in a custom palette.

Digital Watercolor Sketching

Learn how to create a photo painting using pencil sketching and digital watercolors in Painter Essentials.

Applying Light and Texture to a Sketch

Learn how to enhance a simple pencil sketch by using effects in Painter Essentials such as lighting and surface texture to add drama and richness.

How to Paint with Digital Watercolor

Learn about the settings and controls for the Digital Watercolor brushes in Painter Essentials, and how to use them to paint linework.

How to paint with Glazing brushes

Learn how to blend colors like a master using Painter Essential’s glazing brushes that allow opacity to build up smoothly along your brushstrokes.

How to paint with Image Hose brushes

This tutorial will show you how to use the Image Hose Nozzles in Painter Essentials to effectively add this exciting imagery to your artwork.

How to Paint with Dynamic Speckle Brushes

Painter Master Elite Karen Bonaker shares her tips as she demonstrates each of the unique and expressive Dynamic Speckles brushes in Painter Essentials.

How to Paint with Dab Stencils and Flow Maps

Learn how to transform a photo using cloning and the extremely expressive Dab Stencils brushes and Flow map textures in Painter Essentials.