Fine Art for Beginners

Fine Art for Beginners

This tutorial series is designed for fine artists who have little or no experience with digital painting. In her Beginner Landscape Painting tutorials, Painter Master Melissa Gallo demonstrates the complete workflow, from setting up your canvas to adding the final touches. Painter Master Karen Bonaker gives you lots of helpful tips for learning how to use panels, palettes, brush controls and layers, and takes a closer look at the properties of some of her favorite brushes.

Reference Image and Canvas Setup

In this video you will learn how to choose an optimal reference image and how to set up your canvas for painting.

Creating a Painting

In this tutorial you will learn the basic steps in creating a painting, using your reference image and value map.

Brush Introduction

In this tutorial Painter Master Karen Bonaker explores different brush options and shows you how to set brush properties.

Advanced Brush Controls

Learn how to use the Brush Variant panels and the advanced brush control fine tune your brushes.

Applying Surface Texture to Layers

This tutorial demonstrates how to add a new layer, then add fill, apply surface texture and customize the new layer.

Exploring Charcoal and Conte Brushes

Learn about the Charcoal and Conte brushes, how to change the Grain setting and how to use the Jitter tool.

Experimenting with Brush and Paper

See how different brushes and paper textures interact with each other, and learn how to tweak your brush settings.

Adding the Final Touches

Painter Master Elite Melissa Gallo adds the final touches to a landscape painting, using the Sargent brush.

Navigator and Mixer Palettes

This tutorial covers some important features in Painter, including the Navigator, Layers and Mixer palettes.

Using the Mixer Pad

This tutorial will show you how to create and save custom colors for your creative projects using the Mixer Pad.

Working with Images and Layer Masks

Painter Master Karen Bonaker shows you how to import an image as a new layer and use it as a texture.

Exploring Sargent Brushes

Painter Master Karen Bonaker demonstrates how to use and customize one of her favorite brushes, the Sargent brush.

Creating a Value Map

Creating a value map is an important step in the painting process, to help ensure that your colors will look right.

Creating a New Image

Learn how to create a new image file , customize the size, canvas, paper color and texture, and save your file.

Using Panels and Palettes

Browse through the brush variants to find the perfect one for your image, then customize the size and color.

Applying Surface Texture to Canvas

Learn how you can apply interesting textures to your canvas by using the Paper Libraries and Paper Panel.

Exploring Digital Watercolor Brushes

Learn about the Digital Watercolor brush variants, and how to use the Diffusion and Wet Fringe brush properties.

Exploring Real Watercolor Brushes

Get the most out of the Real Watercolor brush variants by understanding how to adjust brush and layer controls.

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